What is glutenfreebeerfestival for?

Glutenfreebeerfestival wishes to promote the development of gluten free beers because we believe that coeliacs should be able to lead a normal social life, which may include going to a bar and ordering a beer, or perhaps having a beer with a meal.

To this end, the spread of GF microbreweries is encouraged and glutenfreebeerfestival takes a positive approach to new brews that are suitable for coeliacs. Beers are reviewed and glutenfreebeerfestival aims to link thirsty coeliacs with the brews that they may consume.

In addition, glutenfreebeerfestival aims to encourage larger brewers to also become involved in GF brewing, as this may be the route to mass production of beers that may be easily available in eating and drinking establishments.

Lastly, glutenfreebeerfestival promotes choice - to choose a beer if that is wanted, and to allow the coeliac to have a choice of brew that they may wish to consume. Perhaps the ultimate aim is to have every beer gluten free. Since this is unlikely, it will always have a role influencing the market so that choice is maximised and the coeliac may have the maximum liberty to lead a social life similar to, if not exactly the same as, our non-coeliac friends.

Realistically, we would like to see a gluten free option available in every pub, bar and restaurant.

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