An Introduction to coeliacs for those who do not have the condition

Around one in a hundred people have coeliacs. Much "normal" food becomes a poison, and even extremely small quantities of gluten can make coeliacs ill. Most food in the supermarket becomes prohibited. Without the extremely restricted diet, there are possibilities of osteoporosis and cancer. Eating out can become a pain, holidays a nightmare, travel something that has to be thought through carefully.

Hotel stays are very difficult if chefs and serving staff do not know what they are doing, and staying in a B&B relies upon an understanding proprietor. Too many coeliacs become isolated from their friends, afraid to become an inconvenience, and all the normal parts of social life become just too much hassle.

To this end, glutenfreebeerfestival tries to tackle one small part of this isolation, by returning just one aspect of social life to normality, or at least ameliorating the complete prohibition from drinking beer.

Brewers who want to find out more how they can sell a product to the millions of people with coeliacs, some extremely keen to purchase these products, can contact us for advice at

Another brewer in the market adds to the choice that a coeliac has, and is thus one more step to freedom.

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