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First ever gluten free beer festival: 1600+ beer lovers attended the CAMRA beer festival at Chesterfield, UK
where many coeliacs enjoyed their first beer for many years at the gluten free bar.
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'Chesterfield 2006' for more details.

A Derbyshire pub in the UK leads the way: The Angel Inn - near Sheffield - gluten free beer on tap and all food completely gluten and wheat free every Tuesday. Read more here.

Important: This site includes details of brews with no gluten present, as well as brews that are made from gluten-containing ingredients but which have a very low gluten content. Similarly, some breads available on prescription have low quantities of gluten. We refer to gluten levels described by brewers or distributors, but all gluten free beers are marketed for coeliacs.

There is some debate over the gluten “level” acceptable to coeliacs, and there is also debate about the testing used. Nobody involved with takes responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by breweries, but if you are at all concerned, stick to the brews that brewers claim have less than one part per million, or only involve non-gluten ingredients.

Please note that some brews contain "crossed grain" marks. What qualifies will differ around the world.

However, on this site we will include articles and links which we hope will help the consumer of gluten free beers make informed decisions about what they choose to consume.

Other information of interest to the beer-drinking coeliac, will be available in due course.

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