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Responsible Drinking

Alcohol has been consumed by humans for a very long time. It may have health advantages that may benefit those who drink beer, but of course like most things in life, there can be negative reactions

Some people do find that alcohol leads to problems for themselves or for others. Everyone should ensure that their consumption of alcohol is not to the detriment of others. It is up to the adult whether they choose to effect themselves with alcohol, but if you think alcohol is a problem for you, please take steps to investigate further.

The following link provided by the Portman Group in the UK, might prove useful:

Alcohol and driving

If you are not able to ensure that you are free of alcohol when you drive, do not consume the alcohol. We are able to give some informed advice to help you calculate how long it takes the average individual to remove all the alcohol from their body, but note it is for the average person, for some it may take longer, particularly perhaps if their liver is damaged.

One unit of alcohol is approximately 10g of pure alcohol

After allowing an initial hour for absorption of the alcohol, you should estimate the elimination of the alcohol to be approximately one unit per hour.

1 pint (437.2ml) of beer at an ABV of 4.2 = 2.39units
1 pint (437.2ml) of beer at an ABV of 4.5 = 2.56units
1 pint (437.2ml) of beer at an ABV of 4.7 = 2.67units
1 pint (437.2ml) of beer at an ABV of 6.2 = 3.52units

330ml of beer at an ABV of 4.2 = 1.8units
330ml of beer at an ABV of 4.5 = 1.93units
330ml of beer at an ABV of 4.7 = 2.02units
330ml of beer at an ABV of 6.2 = 2.66units

So if you have three pints of beer at an ABV of 5.5, this lies between a total of 8.01 (3x2.67)units and 10.56 units (3x3.52). Play on the safe side - around ten units and add one hour for absorption, and since any alcohol in the blood has a negative effect on driving skills you should not drive for at least 11 hours.

Similarly if you have four 330ml bottles of beer at an ABV of around 4, multiply 4 by 1.8 to make 7.2units, add one hour for absorption - this leaves at least eight hours before you are able to drive without alcohol in your body. is able to call upon the experts on drink-drive rehabilitation, and this advice is designed to keep you safe, and avoid danger to others. However, because this information is based on averages, and this is not an exact science, takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this data or any eventualities caused by using it.

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