British Steam Railways
A two-weekly Magazine and DVD series produced by Planet Three Publishing Network and published by de Agostini from 2005

Please note that some of the BTF and pre-Nationalisation films listed may only be extracts from the full title (as shown by *).
With acknowledgements to Tony Hagon & Peter Stanton for their kind assistance with compiling this list.
Information regarding the producer of the films on the DVDs contained on this page is far from complete and may be deemed 'Under Construction!'

Key to film producer where known
de Agostini BTF BR LMS SR LNER GWR GPO / COI Railway Roundabout British Movietone British Pathé BFI Ivo Peters

Films in Italics are unconfirmed.
Programmes produced especially for the magazine frequently use archive footage from a variety of sources eg. Ivo Peters collection, movie out-takes, etc.

Vol. Title Film A Film B Film C Film D Film E Film F
1 4468 Mallard Mallard: The Fastest of them All (31m40) Flying with the 'Silver Jubilee' (1935 - 1m) Sir Nigel Gresley in Action (3m44) Elizabethan Express (1954 - 19m27) 'Beautiful' Belle Isle (2m25) (1) Navvy Life (3m)
2 Flying Scotsman Flying Scotsman: A Life In Steam (14m) An Engine of Your Own (1963 - 1m30) Flying Scotsman Today (4m) Repainting the Forth Bridge (1950 - 1m) Enginemen (1959 - 17m) Firing a King (4m50)
3 City of Truro City of Truro at 100 (34m43) The Churchward Influence (12m28) Operation Dukedog (4m51) A Union Dispute (1949 - 1m36) - -
4 Clan Line The Clan Line Story (24m40) Tangmere: A Barry Rebuild (16m50) Bulleid's Double-Decked Carriage (1949 - 2m43) - - -
5 6100 Royal Scot Men of the Footplate* (1938 - 5m03) (2) Scots Guardsman's Last Stand (1965 - 4m45) Royal Scot in the USA (1933 - 1m43) Train of Events (1949 - 2m20) (3) Fowler 4Fs (8m50) Night Mail (1936 - 22m15)
6 Locomotion No.1 Pioneers of Steam (17m20) "George Stephenson" (Giants of Steam*) (1963 3m25) Life on the Stockton and Darlington (5m38) Rail 150 (1975 - 6m50) A Run With The Guard (10m16) (4) -
7 King George V King of Swindon (22m44) End of Steam (1968 - 35s) (5) Kings of Yesteryear (9m33) (6) Ladies Only (1942 - 14m) - -
8 Princess Elizabeth Royal Debutante (1933 - 1m35) The Princess Royal Class (26m) Tragedy at Harrow (1952 - 1m55) Men of the Footplate* (1938 - 17m) (7) - -
9 Rocket Rocket: Into the Future (20m20) The Liverpool and Manchester Railway Today (7m10) Enemy Number One (1938 - 8m10) Tragedy in the Fog (1957 - 3m) Full of Eastern Promise (7m43) (8) -
10 Evening Star Evening Star & the 9Fs (21m12) On Duty with a 9F (9m) (9) Last of a Line (1960 - 50s) Engine Shed (1938 - 19m30) - -
11 The Black 5s Black Magic (18m52) Glasgow & South Western Glory (8m32) How the Railways are Carrying On (1941 - 54s) Railway Reminiscences (11m27) - -
12 Lion Lion: Focus on a Filmstar (8m30) LMSR Centenary (1938 - 45s) Lion Roars Again (1961 - 1m15) Marshalling at Temple Mills (8m44) Along Great Eastern Lines (14m55) -
13 Midland Compound No.1000 Compound Interest (8m23) The Somerset & Dorset (8m45) Through the Firehole Doors (22m28) (10) Steam in the Isle (3m50) - -
14 Schools Class Back to Schools (17m5) Victoria Station Fire (1946 - 52s) Railways of the South East (15m40) - - -
15 No.1 4771 Green Arrow Mixed Traffic Muscle (13m30) Locomotive Sheds (6m24) South Wales Colliers Go Down the Mine (1930 - 7m55) National Coal Board Railways (10m34) - -
16 G2 Class 'Super D' Rebirth of a Legend (29m43) The Last Train: From Abergavenny to Merthyr (1958 - 3m) Creating a 'George' at Crewe (1913 - 6m20) - - -
17 Castle Class An Englishman's Home... (11m4) The Bristolian (1958 - 7m10) Under the River (1959 - 21m16) - - -
18 Planet and Patentee Universal Locomotive Appeal (14m20) The Leicester & Swannington Railway Today (11m27) Trains on the Lickey Incline (1958 - 5m15) Operation of the Lickey Incline (1958 - 4m48) Britain's First Post War Easter (1946 2m52) -
19 Festiniog Fairlie Fairlies and the Festiniog (17m37) Centenary of Steam (1963 - 1m58) No. 6207: A Study In Steel (1935 - 17m35) - - -
20 The Beyer Peacock Garratts Giants Galore (19m34) Welsh Highland Garratts (8m39) Narrow-Gauge Footplate (7m54) The Welsh Narrow Gauge (7m24) - -
21 The GWR Fireflies Flight of the Firefly (9m40) Making Tracks (12m34) (Corus Rail, Workington) Stunning Settle & Carlisle (15m36) - - -
22 The 'Duchesses' Aristocratic Elegance (11m32) The Coronation Scot (1938 - 9m25) Bridging the Gap (2m35) Ironstone Railways (14m33) - -
23 King arthur Class Legendary Locomotives (25m06) Southampton Docks (6m57) Shipshape Steam (8m59) - - -
24 The Singles The Big Wheel (18m10) Kirtley, Johnson & Co. (1962 - 5m36) Celtic Connections (14m01) - - -
25 The B1 Thompson's Tearaways (17m32) Great Central Main Line (10m20) (Richard Willis film) Automatic Arrivals (11m55) - - -
26 The GWR Panniers Steam Packhorses (11m12) Branching Out West (5m16) (Hemyock Branch) The Last Train from Bala to Blaenau Ffestiniog (1961 - 6m15) The Severn and Wye Lines (5m14) Raising Wreckage (11m17) -
27 GCR 8K Class, LNER 04 From 8K to 04: Focusing on Freight (11m14) The Great Central Railway (26m55) Fares Fair (1936 2m44) - - -
28 The A1/A2 Pacifics Pepp's Pacifics (27m06) A Visit to King's Cross Shed (1959 - 4m25) The Tay Bridge (3m22) Levellers & Shovellers (13m29) - -
29 The Jubilees Minor Royals (22m38) The Long Drag (13m20) Testing Talent (9m09) - - -
30 The Brighton Terriers Little Giants (30m22) The Hayling Island Branch (1958 - 2m14) A Respectable Railway (11m55) (LBSCR) - - -
31 The LNER D49s Gresley's 4-4-0 Phoenix (6m45) North with the LNER (10m29) All Geared Up (12m35) Stations Supreme (10m11) - -
32 Bulleid Light Pacifics Air-Smoothed for Action (28m09) Southern Sunshine (13m43) Ready for Running (7m58) - - -
33 The Jones Goods Ground Breaking Goods (6m23) Jones Goods (1962 10m51) Scaling the Heights (12m48) Elegant Archways (8m41) Snowdrift at Bleath Gill (1955 - 10m11) -
34 The 'Jumbos' LNWR Athletes (13m32) Historic Locomotives at Crewe (3m48) LNWR Survivor (5m25) Sovereign Stock (4m04) Wash and Brush Up (1953 - 14m43) -
35 The Scotts and Glens Reid's Runners (10m21) Round the Mountainside (12m01) (West Highland Line) The Skye Line (1959 - 5m46) (Fort William to Mallaig) The Butcher The Baker (1947 - 14m54) - -
36 The Lord Nelsons Southern Sea-Dogs (18m14) Maunsell's Southern (5m09) Over Land and Sea (18m38) - - -
37 The Dunalastairs McIntosh's Masterpiece (7m31) 2 Caley Bogies from Perth to Aviemore (6m52) Caledonian Forever (10m32) Hot Competition (3m31) Corridor Third (1934 - 12m41) -
38 The Beattie Well Tanks Beattie's Best (22m14) LSWR in The South West (10m34) Adams Tanks on the Lyme Regis Branch (1960 - 6m09) - - -
39 The Large Prairies Swindon's Rising Stars (11m37) Western Region Engines (5m35) Western Region 45XX Tanks (1959 - 4m35) Train Time* (1952 - 16m22) - -
40 The S&D 7F 2-8-0 Masters of the Mendip Hills (17m01) Somerset & Dorset Days (8m56) A Goods Train from Bath to Evercreech Juntion (1961 - 5m45) China Clay Trains (8m07) - -
41 Ivatt's 2-6-0 and 2-6-2 Tanks Ivatt's Inspirations (15m20) Caerphilly Castle - A Journey to South Kensington (1961 - 4m07) 150th Anniversary of Steam (1975 - 8m34) Preserving the Priceless (13m21) - -
42 The Maunsell Moguls Mogul Multiplicity (17m05) South Eastern Saga (16m04) By Slip Coach to Bicester (1960 - 4m13) - - -
43 The GWR Halls Legacy of the Saints (15m22) Travelling Great Western Style (6m29) Parcels Service (19m14) - - -
44 The LNER K4 and K1 Gresley's Grandees and Beyond (12m30) Trains at Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1960 - 4m48) This is York (1953 - 20m31) - - -
45 Duke of Gloucester Pacific Prowess (15m25) The Changing Railway (10m46) Safety in Signals (12m20) The Closure of the Wye Valley Lines (1959 - 5m48) - -
46 The J94 Austerities Saddletank Supremacy (10m10) The Cromford & High Peak Railway (1960 - 8m05) On Track for the C&HPR (10m56) Steam in Focus (9m30) (Bob Green's photography) - -
47 The GWR Manors To a Manor Born (17m01) Along Cambrian Lines (9m54) Two Dukedogs to Barmouth (8m11) Single Line Working* (8m07) - -
48 The Britannias Rule Britannia (14m51) Four into One (14m34) Learning Curves on the LMS (9m43) - - -
49 The Midland/LMS 0-6-0s Derby's 0-6-0 Dynasty (14m19) The Halesowen Branch (2m30) Midland Lifeblood (5m23) Selling Transport (18m33) - -
50 The 2-6-4 Tanks 2-6-4T Treasury (17m08) LMS Passenger Services (6m25) General Repair (17m28) - - -
51 Wartime 2-8-0/2-10-0s Allied Engines Carrying the Load S&D Stories
52 The GCR Directors Directors by Design Work in Progress From Steam to Screen
53 GWR Heavy Freight Strength in Numbers GWR Heavy Freight Sentinels of Safety
54 The LMS 8F Eight-Coupled Freight Weight and Wagons Life on the Footplate
55 E Class 0-4-4 Tank Capital Connectors London Transport Wheels and Water
56 The LMS Crab and Stanier Mogul Moguls in Motion Saltley Shed 1959 Steam on Canvas
57 Jinty and Antecedents Time-Honoured Tanks Six-Coupled Survivor St Pancras Junction Relaying
58 The GER J15 and N7 Great Eastern Grafters Great Eastern E4 at Cambridge What's in Store?
59 J36 Class 0-6-0 Celtic Couriers A Visit to Perth Shed Hotel
60 Sir Berkeley Industrious Engines Industrial Networks Industrial Variety
61 GWR 14XX Collett's Four-Coupled Tanks The Sapperton Challenge From Scrapyard to Steam
62 GNoSR V & F Classes A Regiment of 4-4-0s On the Spey River Line Ivo's Eastern Invasion
63 BR Standard Class 4 Setting Standards Scenic Service Moonlight Cavalcade
64 VoR 2-6-2 Tank Locomotives From Slate to Scenery - -
65 The L&Y Tanks Suburban Survivor Pennine Pathways Railways by Numbers
66 Pre-Grouping 4-4-0s Four-Coupled Flyers Supporting Role Little and Often
67 Iron Duke Dazzling Dukes The Romance of a Railway Bristol Fashion
68 The Atlantics Able Atlantics GNR Tank No 1247 Trains at York
69 The Q and Q1 Classes 0-6-0 Finale Over the Top Pride of Preservation
70 The LNWR Claughtons Anytown Taking Up the Slack -
71 The LSWR M7 Class Drummonds Diamonds Seaton Junction People Like Us
72 The GWR 56XX Traditional Traction Preservation Premiere Scientific Research
73 Miniature Locomotives The RH&DR Miniature Masterpiece -
74 LNER Q6 and Q7 From T to Q Class Quality Thornaby Motive Power Depot Two Glens to Fort William
75 L&Y 0-6-0 0-6-0 Odyssey Lancashire and Yorkshire Special Groundwork for Progress Part 1
76 The Snowdon Volcanoes The Snowdon Mountain Railway (TBC) Over The Alps Part 1 -
77 Saints, Granges and Counties Saints to Standards A Day at Shrewsbury Station Viaduct Inspection Unit
78 LNER N1 and N2 King's Cross kingpins Farmer Moving South Riding with the Driver in a DMU
79 Adams O2 Tank Isle of Wight Engines Island Idyll Safe Transit
80 BR Standard Class 5 Riddles' Racers Marylebone Exhibition -
81 GWR 4300 Class 2-6-0 Mogul Motion Steam in the Sun Spotters' Special
82 Festiniog Railway No.2 Prince Prince Among Engines Behind the scenes at the Festiniog Midland Compound No. 1000
83 Restoring The 'Kings' Royalty Restored Precision Makes Perfect -
84 GER B12 4-6-0 Holden's Heroes The Poppy Line Over The Alps Part 2
85 The Great Marquess West Highland Aristocrat - -
86 River Irt and the RER Fleet Steam on the Ratty - -
87 Sir Nigel Gresley Record-breaker Revived Pathway of the Pacifics Top Link Tales
88 S15 Class 4-6-0 Urie's Useful Engines Terminus (extracts) -
89 GWR Dukedog Class 4-4-0 The Bluebell Outside Frames -
90 NER J27 and J72 Tanks Two of a Kind North Yorkshire Moors Railway Groundwork for Progress Part 2
91 Saddletank Florence No.2 Industrial Inclinations - -
92 The Southern Railway Sun and Sensibility - -
93 The LMS Transformation of a Giant - The LMS - -
94 The GWR Going Great Western - -
95 The LNER It's Quicker by Rail - -
96 British Railways Britain's Railway Riddle - -
97 Series Index - No DVD - - -
Bonus Recreating The Magic Great Central Railway, Kent & East Sussex Railway, Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway

(*) Extract
(1) Out-takes from Ealing Studios "The Ladykillers".
(2) Locomotive preparation
(3) 35mm Footage of 46126 'Royal Army Service Corps' filmed inside Willesden shed.
(4) Filmed on the West Somerset Railway.
(5) King George V moved from Swindon to Bulmers at Hereford for restoration.
(6) Starts with silent footage of 6013 King Henry VIII being built at Swindon in May 1928.
(7) Harry Trewin commences his training on the LMS.
(8) 1960s East Coast Mainline steam filmed by amateur enthusiasts.
(9) 92212 filmed on a demonstration freight at the Great Central Railway.
(10) City of Truro and Tangmere inspection on the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway.