Afficianados of British Transport Films are invited to join an informal email forum that is dedicated to the works of this well loved film unit which was responsible for capturing the general transport scene at a time of great transition - a priceless legacy of moving and still images that deserves more exposure than it gets today. It is hoped that the BTF Forum will grow into a popular means of enabling people to enjoy a free exchange of information, resources, reminisces, reviews and general chat about British Transport Films.

The BTF Forum automatically distributes all emails that are sent to a central server to its subscribers, although as well as the option of receiving each email posted individually, you may elect to receive a daily digest of emails. You even have the option of not receiving any of the messages at all! You are able to browse the emails from the webpage (see below) at any time you choose. All the messages are archived and can be viewed retrospectively from the website regardless of which type of subscription you choose.

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