Train Time (1952)
28 minutes

This is the story of one railway day which begins and ends with an operating conference telephone-linked from end to end of Britain. The film tells how a sudden demand for extra locomotives in West Cornwall may affect the tinplate traffic from South Wales; how fish from the Scottish ports is rushed south to the markets; how coal wagons are sorted in Toton Marshalling Yard; how the movement of cattle from Ireland may affect enginemen's working in the Midlands; how London's evening rush to the suburbs is dealth with.

Producer: Edgar Anstey
Director: John Shearman
Camera: Ronald Craigen
Editor: Stewart McAllister
Script: John Rowdon
Unit Manager: Jim Garrett
Commentator: Frank Duncan
Camera Operator: R.W. Paynter
Assistant Editor: Margot Fleischner
Music Composition: Edward Williams
Played By: Philharmonia Orchestra
Conductor: John Hollingsworth

Recording: Ben Brightwell (Lombard Films), J. Meyers (Nettlefold Studios), Ken Cameron (Beaconsfield Studios)

Actual screen shots reproduced by kind permission
of the British Film Institute.

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