Mechanical Point Operation (1954)
Staff Instructional : Signals and Telecommunications Series

Part 1: Layout of Rodding and Connections - 15 minutes
A simple explanation, mainly for the recruit, of the rods, cranks, and other fittings and their function in the system of transmitting movement from the levers in the signalbox.

Part 2: Maintenance of Rodding and Connections - 17 minutes
The lineman and his assistant are shown doing their regular inspection, cleaning and adjusting the parts of a typical mechanically operated points system, from the lever tail under the box through the leadaway and the rodding run to the points.

Part 3: Maintenance of Points and Fittings - 26 minutes
Some examples of various point layouts are followed by a more detailed explanation of the operation and maintenance of a set of facing points.
The use of the lineman's gauge is demonstrated in checking the clearances at the facing-point lock plunger and the signal slide detector notches.

Part 4: Adjustment of Double-ended points - 7 minutes
Double-ended points are shown out of adjustment. The lineman and his assistant carry out the necessary work to bring them back to normal operation.

16mm & 35mm

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