East Anglian Holiday (1954)
20 minutes - Colour

From The Wash right round to Southwold in Suffolk runs a coastline ideal for the children's seaside pleasure and the skill of the offshore fisherman. The open country of Norfolk is a delight to the gardener and the naturalist, while south Suffolk has that intimate lushness which Constable made famous. In both counties, the churches and the old history-soaked houses are among the finest in the country; and then there are the Broads, the home of sails and windmills and quiet waterways.

Director: Michael Clarke
Cameraman: Robert Paynter
Commentary: Paul le Saux
Narration: Frank Duncan, Richard George
Editor: John Legard
Assistants: Paul Khan, Eric Brown, Cyril Moorhead
Music Composer: Doreen Carwithen
Music Director: Muir Mathieson
Associate Producer: Ian Ferguson
In Charge of Production: Edgar Anstey

An extract from this film may be viewed online at YouTube courtesy of the BFI:-

16mm & 35mm

A still from the 1957 BTF Catalogue.
Actual screen shots reproduced by kind permission
of the British Film Institute.

Engravings from the 1960 & 1963 BTF Catalogues.

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