North To Wales (1956)
15 minutes - Colour

Travelling from Euston to North Wales an exiled Welshman, Meredith Edwards, remembers the harder and hardier north of his varied homeland - not the teeming industries nor the lush western peninsula, but the Wales that stretches from Calder Idris to Snowdon and back through the mountains of Caernarvon, Merioneth and Denbigh to the northern marches of the English border via Llangollen's Eisteddfod.

Director: Michael Clarke
Photography: Reg Hughes
Commentary: Norman Prouting
Narration: Meredith Edwards
Editor: Margot Fleischner
Assistants: Pat Jones, Derek Whitham, Don Terrett
Music Composer: Edward Williams
Conducter: Marcus Dods
Producer: Ian Ferguson
In Charge of Production: Edgar Anstey

16mm & 35mm

An engraving from the 1960 BTF Catalogue.
Actual screen shots reproduced by kind permission
of the British Film Institute.

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