Cyclists' Special (1955)
16 minutes - Colour

An excursion train equipped with cycle vans takes a party of cyclists and their machines from Willesden and Watford to Rugby, where they split up into separate parties and tour the countryside of Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. They visit, amongst other places, Kenilworth Castle, a country pub, the church at Stanford-upon-Avon and the site of the Battle of Naseby, before returning home by train in the evening.

16mm only

Additional Information - Alex Gleeson has managed to identify most of the major themes:

Skippy (Bruce Campbell) [opening titles]
Pipsqueak (Dolph Van der Linden)
Jack o'Lantern (Roger Roger)
Horse and Buggy (Roger)
Jolly Juggler (Vivian Ellis)
Holiday Party (Roger)

All items originally published by Chappell except 'Pipsqueak' which is published by Paxton

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