Journey Into Spring (1957)
30 minutes - Colour

A Joan hassall engraving from the 1960 BTF Catalogue.

Spring comes to Selborne in Hampshire where the Reverend Gilbert White made his classic record of the wild life in his parish : rook and dabchick, frog and slow worm, hedgehog, mole and vole; pussy willow, catkin, celadine, primrose. Two centuries later, in much the same inspiring way as White must have witnessed it, a patient and sensitive camera describes a wonderful diversity of wildlife and joyful spring activity, patiently recorded by probing camera by renowned wildlife cinematographer Patrick Carey and evocative words of the poet, Laurie Lee.

By directing this film, the late Ralph Keene began a BTF tradition in the field of natural history. This film is the winner of six international film awards, including a nomination for a Hollywood "Oscar."

16mm & 35mm

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