Men On The Mend (1956)
13 minutes
A still from the 1952 BTF Catalogue.

Joe Miller, injured in the Western Region railway workshops, goes to the Rehabilitation Workshop at Swindon. There, together with other men, he exercises his injured limb on machines specially built or adapted for the purpose, and turns out articles necessary to British Railways. After a reduced period of convalescence he returns, fully recovered, to duty.
A version of the film for medical audiences is available under the title of Rehabilitation at Swindon.

16mm & 35mm

Additional Information - Steven Foxon (Screenonline): Said to be a morale booster for staff, this film provides us with in an interesting record of a pre-Health and Safety conscious environment, where British Railways was striving to create a safe and healthy reputation with its employees. Originally made in a much longer version for medical audiences under the title of Rehabilitation at Swindon, it is a great example of a specialist film re-cut for general audiences. If the recuperation exercises and equipment looks a little crude by today's standards, British Railways were certainly trying to make the effort. One could however, question who benefited most from this equipment.

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