Between The Tides (1958)
22 minutes - Colour

A still from the 1960 BTF Catalogue.

The fascinating and colourful marine life of shoreline and rock pool. Filmed in the intertidal zone of a typical and attractive rocky shore of south-west Britain. The diversity of creatures must be seen to be believed: periwinkles, top-shells, starfish and lumpsuckers, the self-concealing flatfish, the gaper and razorfish and the commuting and breeding seabirds. Beautifully photographed by Ron Craigen.
Awarded fifteen international film honours, including nomination for the "Oscar" of the USA Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

16mm & 35mm

Director: Ralph Keene
Executive Producer: Edgar Anstey
Producer: Ian Ferguson
Photography: Ronald Craigen
Editor: John Legard
Music: Edward Williams
Commentary Writer: James Burns Singer

This film won the First Prize in 1958 at Venice, Italy

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