The Travel Game (1958)
30 minutes - Colour

A still from the 1960 BTF Catalogue.
A still from the 1960 BTF Catalogue.

As the Hook Continental express leaves Liverpool Street station, a passenger starts to guess where his fellow passengers are going. In his imagination the journey becomes interwoven with scenes of his travelling companions at their supposed destinations : among the windmills, diamonds and cheeses of Holland; at a Rhine wine festival; on Mount Pilatus in Switzerland; in Denmark and Germany. Hubert Gregg is the guesser, and Elizabeth Lutyens has composed the music.
Reputed to be a great many peoples' favourite B.T.F. film.

A still from the 1960 BTF Catalogue.

16mm & 35mm

Additional Information - Steven Foxon (Screenonline): A light and somewhat satirical look at some of the problems and pleasures of continental holiday travel, this was to be one of British Transport Films' most expensive and extravagant productions. The film crew requisitioned a brand new locomotive, rake of coaches and two platforms at Liverpool Street station to stage the night departure. Filming in at least five countries, the unit spared no expense for this Technicolor masterpiece, which remained in the film library catalogue to hire for many years after production.

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