They Take The High Road (1960)
25 minutes - Colour

Set in Scotland, this film tells, amongst other road transport things, the story of the team of four British Road Services drivers who lived and worked together for two years, loading and transporting 20,000 tons of cement in 7 1/2 ton loads up craggy mountain roads from the little railway station at Killin to the new Giorra Dam. A concentrated effort, relying on hard, concientious work, good fellowship and the support of B.R.S.'s nationwide organisation.

16mm & 35mm

Note: The Walk Scotland website features a circular walk around the Giorra Dam whilst making references to this film - click HERE for details (WARNING - this walk is not for the faint hearted - "A strenuous walk recommended only for the very fit. Navigation skills must be up to par, as this is not a good place to get lost.")

Additional Information - Steven Foxon (Screenonline): One of the few films made by British Transport Films for British Road Services under the guise of the British Transport Commission. Released in Technicolor, it is the story of Man conquering the elements for the good of the public.

The idea of living for two years in a camping coach with fellow workmates at the local railway station is unheard of in the modern commuting world. The feats achieved in this film make spectacular viewing, with tiny lorries hauling sacks of cement totalling several tons in weight as they climb fantastic Scottish mountain tracks. Many of the haulage scenes are 'edge of seat' viewing as the sheer drop over the side of the road leaves great potential for disaster!

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