A Desperate Case (1958)
10 minutes

A cautionary tale of a typical holiday suitcase. Crammed beyond its capacity, imperfectly fastened, inadequately and confusedly labelled, the railways transport it from station to station, seeking its true abode. Finally, one of its owners comes to the nightmare tribunal where those who maltreat their luggage are dealt with. Did it happen? Was it a dream? Be warned. See this film. Avoid making yours 'a desperate case'.

16mm & 35mm

Additional Information - Steven Foxon (Screenonline): A humorous drama directed by Kenneth Fairburn designed to tackle an increasing problem that British Railways was suffering, that of stray luggage. The 1950s was the golden era of postwar British seaside holidays and, with most folk still without a car, the railway was the prime choice of transportation to the sea. To reduce congestion on trains, British Railways designed a 'luggage in advance' scheme, whereby you could send your luggage to your destination hotel prior to travel and it would be there waiting for you when you arrived. The downside of this scheme was that people liked to keep the labels on their cases as souvenirs of previous holidays. Result - lost luggage!

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