What A Day (1960)
19 minutes - Colour (

Distributor: New Realm
Producer: Edgar Anstey
Director: James Ritchie
Editor: Hugh Raggett
Music: Edwin Astley
Commentary: J. B. Boothroyd

Group Travel - five typical outings by train - a ladies' outing to Scotland from Newcastle; photographic and cyclists' club 'specials'; and two schoolboys' outings, one to Southampton Docks and the other to Boulogne. Cinema coaches, the TV train, and some veteran locomotives are also shown as excursion attractions.

16mm & 35mm

Review in Monthly Film Bulletin - January 1961 (spotted by Robin Carmody)

This is an advertisement for the facilities offered by British Railways for various forms of party travel. It covers a women's outing to the Scottish lochs, a cyclists' trip to Norwich for flat cycling country, a schoolchildren's conducted tour of Southampton Docks and a trip to Boulogne. There is also mention of special excursions for photographic competitors and railway enthusiasts. The latter are catered for by brief shots of historic old engines of the former Caledonian Railway and Highland Railway in their original liveries. It is an unambitious production, quite pleasantly done but let down by weak humour and an unsatisfactory commentary.

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