North To The Dales (1962)
19 minutes - Colour

The Yorkshire Dales - 'from which no traveller wishes to return'. Sheltering under the Pennines, the Dales have escaped the human ravages of time. There is magic here; skysweeping hillsides and weirdly weathered rocks; Wensleydale cheese; ruined abbeys and castles and standing drystone walls; fellracing and potholing, photography, traditional songs and a commentary spoken by Robert Shaw.

Director & Photography: Ron Craigen
Writer: Edward Woods
Narration: Robert Shaw
Associate Producer & Editor: John Legard
Production Assistants: Ron Genders, George Tabor, John O'Sullivan
Traditional Music Sung & Played By: Alan Emmet, Bob Wilson, Alf Edwards, Bryan Daly
Music Arrangement: Marcus Dods
Sound Recording: Anvil Films
Producer: Edgar Anstey

16mm & 35mm

Actual screen shots reproduced by kind permission
of the British Film Institute.

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