Safety Precautions On Electrifed Lines (1964)
Staff Instructional

A series of safety films made for showing to railway staff in areas where the 25KV AC single-phase overhead electric system is in operation.

Part 1: General Maintenance - 17 minutes
Painters, plumbers, and permanent-way men can all put themselves in danger from overhead wire if they don't follow the rules. This film shows the precautions they must take, and explains why the new regulations are necessary.

Part 2: Construction - 10 minutes
Contractors' staff engaged on the construction of the overhead wire system are reminded of the dangers of working on the railway, and advised how to avoid them.

Part 3: Overhead Line Maintenance - 17 minutes
Tells the story of an emergency repair to the overhead line, showing in detail the working of the routine precautions to ensure the safety of the maintenance gang.

Part 4: Electric Depots - 17 minutes
Shows how the live wire is made safe in a district electric depot for work to be done on rolling stock, and how the staff should co-operate for their own safety.

Part 5: Switching Stations - 9 minutes
The safety routine enabling maintenace work to be done on the oil circuit-breakers in a switching station is described in detail.

16mm & 35mm

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