Wild Wings (1965)
34 minutes - Colour

Hawaiian Ne Ne, Chinese Mandarin Ducks, Red Crested Pochard, African Cotton Teal, African Pygmy Goose - these names hint at the fascination which wildfowl possess. These and many other species can be seen at the comprehensive wildfowl collection at Slimbridge in Gloucestershire. This film, produced in association with the Wildfowl Trust, shows Slimbridge and other wild places in Britain where the Trust teams work through the year. Wildfowl research, catching, ringing, breeding and protecting are shown by Peter Scott to be part of the struggle for survival.

Awarded the highest honour in film-making - the "Oscar" of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Also winner of four other international film awards.

16mm & 35mm

This film won the 1966 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short, Hollywood, USA

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