Joe Brown at Clapham (1965)
18 minutes

A light-hearted history of Britain's railways, seen through old prints, photographs and rare pieces of archive film as well as modern material to tell the story from Stephenson's Rocket to the new expresses. The film was made originally for a national children's competition. Pop-singer Joe Brown, a former railwayman, gives a happy-go-lucky narration as he comperes his group as they play railway songs in the Museum of British Transport at Clapham, where many of the most interesting items of railway history could then still be seen.

Producer: Edgar Anstey
Director: Norman Prouting
Editor: Jane Wood
Cameramen: Ronald Craigen, Lewis McLeod
Unit Manager: Don Washbourne

"The Railway Song" written by Harry Dawson

16mm & 35mm

Joe Brown, a former railwayman and pop star of the '60s with competition winners and train crew in 1965 (Photo: John Legard Collection, courtesy Paul Smith)

Actual screen shots reproduced by kind permission
of the British Film Institute.

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