Age Of Invention (1975)
24 minutes - Colour

Britain was the cradle of the Industrial Revolution, which transformed the lives of millions and ushered in the modern world. Throughout Britain are the tangible remains of that period when British inventors were unequalled in the fertility of their ideas and the significance of their discoveries. A film reflecting the continuing interest in our industrial heritage.

Director: David Lochner
Photography: Trevor Roe
Assistant Cameraman: Trevor Walker
Written by: Ian Ferguson
Narration: Stephen Murray
Editor: John Legard
Assistant Editor: Chuma Ukpabi
Unit Manager: Stuart Black
Music Composer: Kenneth V. Jones
Producer: Edgar Anstey


Additional Information - Steven Foxon (Screenonline): A film made to promote the British Tourist Authority's sites of Industrial Heritage. Made in Eastmancolor, the film features a brief glimpse of Edgar Anstey (then recently retired as Head of Production at BTF) at Ironbridge, taking in the views [see below]. It is typical in style and pace of 1970s travel films, in which the world is now in colour, schoolchildren wear rainbow-coloured woolly hats, and parents can be seen in flared denim trousers. As pleasing and as relevant to view today as it was in the '70s, only the fashions have changed!

Actual screen shots reproduced by kind permission
of the British Film Institute.

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