Discovering Railways (1977)
14 minutes - Colour

With Peter Purves, of television 'Blue Peter' fame, as our guide, we are taken on a rapid but very full tour of railway activities. Starting off in the comfort of the High Speed Train, we then move on through electrification, track relaying, rush hour at Waterloo, freight trains and Sealink, and enjoy a glimpse of railway history. A fascinating introduction to the subject of trains.

16mm & V.C.

Soundbytes (Real Player required):-
Travelling In The Utmost Style (100k)
Electrification (192k)
Track Relaying (208k)
Trains For Passengers (244k)
Freight Train Driver (308k)
British Rail Runs Ships (192k)
Railways Past & Present (272k)
Electric Trains & Conclusion (216k)

Soundbytes extra! (mp3 player required):-
Pop Looks Bach (The New Dance Orchestra)
Title music in high quality mp3 format (2.4mb)

Actual screen shots reproduced by kind permission
of the British Film Institute.

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