Overture One-Two-Five (1978)
7 minutes - Colour

A high speed Inter-City train is the star of this impressionist film in which picture and specially composed music are brought together to enhance the mood and rhythm of the subject. Music by David Gow. No commentary.

16mm & V.C.

Additional Information - Steven Foxon (Screenonline): With specially-composed music by David Gow and no commentary, Overture One-Two-Five was the last complete production to be shot on 35mm film by British Transport Films. It was produced to mark the introduction of the new Inter-City 125 High Speed Train services between Paddington and Bristol. One of the last high budget productions, it was treated to a coat of Technicolor and a theatrical cinema release. It also unknowingly marked the beginning of the slow decline that eventually led to the closure of the unit. With the abandoning of support features and shorts at cinemas in the late 1970s and early '80s, the majority of British Transport films made after 1978 were made primarily for internal use.

Director: C. David Lochner
Producer: John Legard
Photography: Ronald Craigen, Trevor Roe
Editor: John Legard
Music: David Gow

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