Promises, Promises (1982)
25 minutes - Colour

A passenger train suffers a series of small delays caused by lack of communication, thoughtlessness and unsound judgement which aggregate into an embarrassingly late arrival at its destination.

16mm & V.C.

Additional Information - Steven Foxon (Screenonline): Features the 07.55 from Sheffield to St Pancras. The camera follows to Leicester, where a young man is late for a job interview thanks to a variety of incidents including a freight train blocking the line and an improperly secured door at Derby. The film is a modernised version of an older theme for British Transport 'Right Time Means Right Time', where the accumulation of many minor delays on the part of BR staff soon add up down the line to make a train very late.

Executive Producer: John W. Shepherd
Producer: James Ritchie
Director: Richard F. Tambling
Photography: Maurice Picot
Editor: Richard Best

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