The Stone Carriers (1982)
19 minutes - Colour

The demand for Aggregates is steadily rising. The film explains the Railfreight option:- its successes both environmental and financial and future developments within this strictly commercial operation. The benefits of co-operation between interested parties are stressed and specific examples are illustrated.

16mm & V.C.

Pictured: Paul Edmunds and Trevor Roe on location whilst filming Stone Carriers c.1982.

Additional Information - Steven Foxon (Screenonline): A film made to promote the new Rail freight sub-sector marketing scheme to other large companies. It featured helicopter aerial photography and state of the art computer graphics. A little dated in appearance today but certainly impressive and modern in 1982.

Director: C. David Lochner
Producer: James Ritchie
Photography: Jack West, Harvey Harrison
Editor: John Legard
Commentary Writer: Norman Prouting

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