BTF Releases on home video

British Transport Films first released home compilations on both VHS and Betamax video in the early 1980s. The contents of these tapes were as follows:-

Elizabethan Express
(1954) 20 Mins.
Snowdrift At Bleath Gill (1955) 10 Mins.
Train Time (1952) 28 Mins.
Under The River (1959) 27 Mins.
The Great Highway (1965) 21 Mins.
Britannia – A Bridge (1973) 19 Mins.
Fully Fitted Freight (1957) 21 Mins.
Plumb-Loco (1971) 10 Mins.
Forward To First Principles (1966) 30 Mins.
This Is York (1953) 20 Mins.
Farmer Moving South (1952) 17 Mins.
Every Valley (1957) 20 Mins.
Link Span (1956) 25 Mins.
Work In Progress (1951) 25 Mins.
The Third Sam (1962) 10 Mins.
Transport (1950) 21 Mins.
Wash and Brush Up (1953) 26 Mins.
Brunel's Railway Today (1985) 8 Mins.
BTF COLLECTION (limited edition)
I Am A Litter Basket (1959) 7 Mins.
Let's Go To Birmingham (1962) 6 Mins.
Age Of Invention (1975) 24 Mins.
Rail 150 (1975) 13 Mins.
Dodging The Column (1952) 10 Mins.

In addition to the above, there were various BTF Classics Specials:-
BT0 : Wild Wings - Featured only 'Wild Wings' (1965).
BT101 : By Train To The Continent - Featured 'The Travel Game' (1958) and 'A Tale Out Of School' (1969).
BT103 : Berth 24 - Featured only 'Berth 24' (1950).
BT258 : Journey Into Spring - Featured only 'Journey Into Spring' (1957).

With the demise of BTF in 1986, the rights to distribute their various titles passed on to F.A.M.E who subsequently split the BTF archive upon its own demise to London Transport (London bus & underground), British Waterways (broad & narrow inland waterways) and the British Film Institute (who dealt with the remaining films such as railways, natural history and general travel films).

British Waterways released several archive video compilations of their own and several of these are now available on a compilation DVD from Laurence Hogg Productions.

Robert Reid Reports on
British Waterways
(1964) 31 Mins.
Broad Waterways
(1959) 24 Mins.
Barging On
(Central Canal Committee)
Gentle Highway
(British Waterways Board)
Civilised Adventure
(British Waterways Board)
There Go The Boats
(1951) 25 Mins.
Bridge of Song (extract)
(1955) 4 Mins.
Inland Waterways
(1950) 40 Mins.
Take To The Boats
Grand Union Canal
(Grand Union Canal Co.)
Waterways Our Heritage
(British Waterways Board)
The World of the Waterways
(1970) 30 Mins.

F.A.M.E. awarded a license to T.V.P. (Transport Video Publishing), who to all intents and purposes re-issued the "BTF Classics" tapes in different packaging and revised Volume numbers. These were under the 'Railway Archive Classics' series which are generally still available today except for Volume 2 and Volume 5 (master tape damaged beyond repair). The contents of these tapes are as follows:-

Elizabethan Express (1954) 20 Mins.
Snowdrift at Bleath Gill (1955) 10 Mins.
Train Time (1952) 28 Mins.
Plumb Loco (1971) 10 Mins.
Forward to First Principles (1966) 30 Mins.
Britannia - A Bridge (1973) 19 Mins
This Is York (1953) 20 Mins.
Farmer Moving South (1952) 17 Mins.
The Great Highway (1965) 21 Mins.
Link Span (1956) 25 Mins.
Work In Progress (1951) 25 Mins.
The Third Sam (1962) 10 Mins.
Transport (1950) 20 Mins.
Wash and Brush Up (1953) 26 Mins.
Brunel's Railway Today (1985) 8 Mins.
Under The River (1959) 27 Mins.
Bridge Across the Thames
(non BTF)
The Freightliner Story (1967) 20 Mins.
Freight Flow (1969) 21 Mins.
Overture One-Two-Five (1978)   7 Mins.
Railways Forever (1970)   7 Mins.

F.A.M.E produced its own BTF compilations as part of the Transport In Vision and Yesterday's Britain series from the late 1980s, running to many volumes which remain highly sought after through the second hand market.

The Transport In Vision series comprised 18 Volumes, none of which are now available. Several individual films have since found their way on to more recent VHS and DVD compilations :-
TV1 - Road to the Fifties (Away For The Day, Dodging The Column, They Take The High Road)
TV2 - Fifties Hauling (Long Night Haul, Journey to the Sea, Good Driving)
TV3 - On The Move (Giant Load, Ferry Load, Work In Progress (extracts))
TV4 - Broad Waterways (Broad Waterways, Robert Reid Reports On British Waterways)
TV5 - Diesel Train Driver (Contains all four parts: Introduction to the Diesel Train, Driving the Train, Dealing with Faults, and Operating Requirements)
TV6 - Giants of Steam (Contains film of the same name)
TV7 - Terminus (Contains film of the same name)
TV8 - West Coast Electrification (Under The Wires, Wires Over The Border, Driving Techniques - Freight Trains)
TV9 - Diesel Power (Diesel Train Ride, Blue Pullman, Let's Go To Birmingham, Overture 125, InterCity 1250)
TV10 - Reshaping British Railways (Reshaping British Railways, Report On Modernisation, Report On Modernisation 2)
TV11 - Sixties Motorsport (Motorsport By Sea, Motorsport Tries Motorail)
TV12 - Ships of the Narrow Seas (two B&W non-BTF films from the 1930s)
TV13 - Arrivals and Departures (Ocean Terminal, Linkspan)
TV14 - Crossing The Channel - Volume 1 (Good Ship Versatility, Radar Helps Shipping, and Port of Newhaven)
TV15 - Crossing The Channel - Volume 2 (The Channel Tunnel Project 1973-75, Crossing The Channel, and Express Link With Europe, Modelling For The Future)
TV16 - Crossing The Channel - Volume 3 (Seaspeed Story, Seaspeed Across The Channel, Seaspeed Way, Seaspeed Hovercraft aka Seaspeed Express)
TV17 - South Wales Ports (Site In The Sea, South Wales Ports)
TV18 - Pickfords Power (Measured For Transport, Caerphilly Castle, Key To Britain, Moving House)

Yesterday's Britain comprises of numerous volumes with Beulah (which superceded F.A.M.E.) continuing the F.A.M.E. series. Only YB29 onwards are now available as DVD only releases:-
YB1: Doon The Watter (Glasgow Belongs To Me, Coasts Of Clyde, The Land of Robert Burns)
YB2: Hops and Downs (Scene of Village Life, Impressions of Beaconsfield, Kent Survey - 1940s non BTF - Down To Sussex)
YB3: Yorkshire Sands (In The Land Of The White Rose - a silent LNER film c.1931 - and North To The Dales)
YB4: Peak District (A Day In The Peak District - a silent LMS film from 1935 - and Peak District)
YB5: Selborne To Solent (Journey Into Spring, Ocean Terminal, Round The Island)
YB6: Visiting London (This Year - London, Capital Visit, Making History (non BTF from 1946)
YB7: Soot and Sand (Anytown - an LMS film from 1936 - Lancashire Coast and Railways Forever)
YB8: Shakespeare's England (Heart of England and England's Shakespeare - 1938 non BTF)
YB9: Lakeland (Lake District and Lakeland Poets - 1937 non BTF)
YB10: Western Lands (West Country Journey and By Cornish Coast - 1937 non BTF)
YB11: Across The Border (Any Man's Kingdom, Sing of the Border)
YB12: Sixties London (London For A Day, A City For All Seasons)
YB13: Sweet Thames Runs Softly (1948 non BTF film)
YB14: Three Is Company (Contains film of the same name)
YB15: Women at War (two WW2 black and white films from the GWR and the SR)
YB16: Holiday (the 1937 B&W LMS film and the BTF film of the same title)
YB17: On And Off The Farm (Thirty Million Acres - LMS 1948 - Farmer Moving South)
YB18: Highland (The Heart is Highland, Wild Highlands, Highland Journey)
YB19: Holidays in the Isle of Man (1937 LMS film)
YB20: Forties Scotland (three Greenpark Films productions: Waverley Steps, Crofters and North East Corner)
YB21: Channel Islands (Holiday Preview - 1939 non BTF - and Channel Islands)
YB22: Land Of My Fathers (A Letter For Wales, North To Wales, Every Valley)
YB23: Ports of War (three non BTF films from the 30s and 40s: Broad Fourteens, Port of Achievement, Way to the Sea)
YB24: London's Country (London's Country, Open House, Country Buses)
YB25: London's Transport (All That Mighty Heart, Under Night Streets, The Elephant Will Never Forget)
YB26: A Tonic To The Nation (Brief City, London In Festival Year, Family Portrait - COI films recording the Festival of Britain, 1951 - Children's Coronation)
YB27: Aspects of London's Transport (Cine Gazette No. 10, 11 (School For Service), 14 (Do You Remember?) and Shepherd's Bush to Zurich
YB28: Britain in Wartime (London Scrapbook, Bundles For Berlin, Wales - Green Mountain, Black Mountain, Living With Strangers, Village School)
YB29: Building London's Victoria Line (Victoria Line Reports - 1) Over and Under, 2) Down and Along, 3) Problems and Progress, 4) Equip and Complete. Also includes AFC & You, an animated short film explaining how to use automatic fare barriers)
YB30: The London's Bus (Omnibus 150, Overhaul, The Nine Road, Getting To Grips)
YB31: Capital Transport (Moving Millions - LTPB 1946, London on the Move, Moving London - LT 1983, The Elephant Will Never Forget)
YB32-YB38 were DVD only releases.

In addition to the above, F.A.M.E. also produced a music video featuring 'England of Elizabeth'. The video included a previously unpublished sequence of the recording session with the composer alongside the conductor.

From the late summer of 1996, the videos were deleted as the copyright was owned by the British Railways Board and they had then passed the films on to the National Film and Television Archive. F.A.M.E. therefore had to withdraw these titles. However, the limited quantity of stock that was left were offered for sale at a discount. Beulah continues to publish quality archive DVD compilations and has strong links with the London Transport Museum.

The F.A.M.E. entry in the 1993 edition of the Guide To Brutish Film & Television Collections (supplied courtesy of Richard Worswick) stated as follows (edited):

HISTORY: F.A.M.E., established in 1985, manages film and video material on behalf of the owners. Since March 1988 F.A.M.E. has been responsible for managing British Transport Films on behalf of British Railways, British Waterways Board and London Transport.

HOLDINGS: A wide range of films covering the social, industrial and agricultural, history of Britain since the 1930s. Around 50% relates to railways, both British and European. Other subjects cover waterways, shipping and ports, natural history, road transport, etc.

FILM approx. 13,000,000 feet of 35mm and 16mm stored, including negatives, fine grains and interpositives. Technicolor YCMs, release prints, spares and trims, some M & E s and dubbed tracks. Original music tapes and optical tracks and original effects tracks held.
VIDEO: around 1500 various video tapes from 2" masters to VHS copies held of productions since the mid 70s, both camera originals and edited masters. Viewing tapes of films held. Both continue to expand at a steady rate.

STORAGE: Nitrate and safety film is stored in purpose built vaults on site. Video tapes held at a facility house in controlled conditions. Negatives for some titles are currently held at the National Film Archive. All wartime film material is held on FAME's behalf at the Imperial War Museum.

CATALOGUING: Shots are being catalogued at present using both manual and computer storage. Production files are kept containing shooting records, editors logs, cue sheets, contractual details and other relevant information.

DOCUMENTATION: Press cutting files are kept. Production stills for BTF material shot between 1949 and 1965 are held at the National Railway Museum.

JUNKING: Material of no library or archive relevance is junked; this usually only applies to video tape. Worn-out film prints are junked where master material is available for new prints to be made.

Richard comments that F.A.M.E did hold material for other clients as well, so not all of the above relates to BTF material, but believes the bulk of the holdings at that time was BTF related. The name FAME continued until around 1998.

The end of F.A.M.E. saw their collection of railway, travel and natural history films passing on to the NFTVA and the British Film Institute who produced nine acclaimed digitally re-mastered. F.A.M.E. team became Beulah who continued to produce quality archive videos and DVDs under the "Yesterday's Britain" banner with a London Transport theme until 2006.

The contents of the nine VHS tapes were as follows:-

Elizabethan Express (1954) 20 Mins.
Snowdrift at Bleath Gill (1955) 10 Mins.
Train Time (1952) 30 Mins.
Forward to First Principles (1966) 30 Mins.
This Is York (1953) 20 Mins.
Farmer Moving South (1952) 17 Mins.
Yorkshire Sands (1955) 15 Mins.
North To The Dales (1962) 19 Mins.
Fully Fitted freight (1957) 21 Mins.
East Anglian Holiday (1954) 20 Mins.
A Day of One's own (1955) 20 Mins.
Heart of England (1954) 20 Mins.
Down to Sussex (1965) 17 Mins.
Holiday (1957) 18 Mins.
A Future In Rail (1957) 10 Mins.
Under the Wires (1965) 28 Mins.
Work In Progress (1951) 25 Mins.
The Great Highway (1966) 21 Mins.
Blue Pullman (1960) 25 Mins.
Midland Country (1974) 20 Mins.
Glasgow Belongs To Me (1965) 17 Mins.
The Heart is Highland (1952) 20 Mins.
The Land of Robert Burns (1956) 21 Mins.
Scotland For Sport (1958) 25 Mins.
The Coasts of Clyde (1959) 20 Mins.
Rail 150 (1975) 13 Mins.
John Betjeman Goes By train (1962) 10 Mins.
An Artist Looks At Churches (1959) 15 Mins.
Channel Islands (1952) 15 Mins.
Journey Into History (1952) 10 Mins.
The England of Elizabeth (1957) 27 Mins.
The Third Sam (1962) 10 Mins.
I Am a Litter Basket (1959)   7 Mins.
Under the River (1959) 27 Mins.
Making Tracks (1956) 17 Mins.
Operation London Bridge (1975) 18 Mins.
Britannia - A Bridge (1973) 19 Mins.
Railways Conserve The Environment (1970) 17 Mins.
Long Night Haul (1956) 19 Mins.
Dodging The Column (1952) 10 Mins.
Journey To The Sea (1952) 17 Mins.
Giant Load (1958) 10 Mins.
Measured For Transport (1962) 13 Mins.
They Take The High Road (1960) 25 Mins.
Diesel Train Ride (1959) 11 Mins.
Ocean Terminal (1961) 30 Mins.
Link Span (1956) 25 Mins.
Berth 24 (1950) 40 Mins.
Riviera Holiday (1954) 24 Mins.
Note: The following videos were planned for release but were cancelled.
with some of the titles released on DVD (*).

Capital Visit* (1955), London For A Day (1962),
This Year London* (1951), London's Country (1954),
City For All Seasons (1969), Service For Southend (1957).

Modelling For The Future* (1961), Creating A Diversion (1979),
Groundwork For Progress* (1959), Bridge 114 (1960),
On Track For The Eighties* (1980).

West Country Journey* (1953), Every Valley (1957),
Letter For Wales* (1960), North to Wales (1956),
Beacons & Beyond (1979), With The Devon Belle to the West.

In addition to the videos mentioned so far, a great many BTF productions have been released on a variety of other compilations. Six compilations were been released by Laserlight (previously produced by Vertex) and these jave been re-issued on DVD.

Train Time (1952) 28 Mins.
Elizabethan Express (1954) 20 Mins.
Golden Arrow (SR) (1947) 16 Mins.
Giants of Steam (1963) 40 Mins.
The Coronation Scot (LMS) (1937) 10 Mins.
Glasgow Belongs To Me (1963) 17 Mins.
Coasts Of Clyde (1959) 20 Mins.
The Land of Robert Burns (1956) 21 Mins.
Heart is Highland (1952) 20 Mins.
Wild Highlands (1961) 21 Mins.
Highland Journey (1957) 20 Mins.
Giant Load (1958) 10 Mins.
Ferry Load (1960) 33 Mins.
Caerphilly Castle (1961) 8 Mins.
Dodging The Column (1952) 10 Mins.
They Take The High Road (1959) 25 Mins.
Journey To The Sea (1952) 17 Mins.

The following were other home video compilations that included BTF Titles. Please email the webmaster if you are aware of any omissions:-

"Along Nostalgic Lines Vol. 1" - Produced by John Cocking Video (ref: JC429) and features "Seventh Rail Report - Speed The payload", "Terminus" and "Speed Rail to the South".

"Along Nostalgic Lines Vol. 2" - Produced by John Cocking Video (ref: JC430) and features "Eighth Rail Report - The New Tradition", "The Travel Game", "Diesel Train Ride" and "Ships to the Islands".

"Along Nostalgic Lines Vol. 3" - Produced by John Cocking Video (ref: JC431) and features "Ninth Rail Report - Top Levels Of Transport", "All in One Piece" and "Scottish Highlands".

"Along Nostalgic Lines Vol. 4" - Produced by John Cocking Video (ref: JC432) and features "Tenth Rail Report - Our Business Is Moving", "Next Stop Scotland" and "Going Places Fast".

"Along Nostalgic Lines Vol. 5" - Produced by John Cocking Video (ref: JC433) and features "Eleventh Rail Report - Railways Conserve the Environment", "Twelth Rail Report - This Year by Rail", "Let's Go to Birmingham" and "Discovering Railways".

"Any Man's Kingdom" - Produced by Northern Heritage of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and features the 1953 BTF film of the same name.

"The APT Story" - Produced by BCL Video and features "E for Experimental" and "Round Trip to Glasgow"

"Art Architecture and Artifacts (BTF Classics Specials)" - Produced in 1991 and features "An Artist Looks at Churches", "Journey Into History" and "John Betjeman Goes by Train".

"Berth 24" - Produced by Dovedale Studio of Hull and features the 1949 BTF film of the same name.

"Blue Pullman" - Produced by Kingfisher (ref: K2006) and features "Blue Pullman" (1960) and "Let's Go To Birmingham" (1962) plus a Metro Cammell promotional film showing these diesel units under construction and test. Please note that the tape's duration is somewhat less than the 60 minutes advertised on the video sleeve (nearer 45 minutes) and that "Blue Pullman" excepted, the quality of the originals is of very poor quality.

"British Buses - The Golden Years" - Produced by DD Video contains about 95% BTF footage.

"BTF Omnibus" - Produced by Railscene and features "Main Line Diesel" (LMS, 1947), "Engine On The Shed" (LMS, 1936), "Single Line Working" (1957) and "Royal Scot In Canada" (LMS, 1933)

"The Driving Force" - Just this one BTF film was available free by mail order when you bought Video Track 41 (August/September 1994) and sent in the reply coupon.

"Focus on York" - A 40 minute programme by Cresswell Video comprising 2 films looking at this major railway centre in the 1950's ('This is York') and 1980's ('Focus on York in the 1980's').

"Geoffrey Jones : The Rhythm Of Film" - Produced by the BFI, the collection includes a mixture of British Transport Films, industrial shorts and personal works. Features: Snow, Rail, Locomotion, Trinidad and Tobago, Shell Spirit, This Is Shell, Seasons Project, Chair-a-Plane Kwela and Chair-a-Plane Flamenco.

"The Great British Trains" - Produced by MSD Video (ref: V9040) in 1987 under the "Speciality" label and features "Coronation Scot" (LMS, 1937), "Elizabethan Express" (1954), "Blue Pullman" (1960) and "Intercity 1250" (1982). The sleeve is BTF Video and BR (double arrows) branded.

"Great Steam Trains" - Distributed by Wm Collins & Sons Ltd for and on behalf of Avon Cosmetics Ltd Video under the title 'Avon Video Collection' (ref: 93872) in 1987 and features "Rail 150" (1975), "This Is York" (1953) and "Elizabethan Express" (1954). The sleeve is BTF Video and BR (double arrows) branded.

"Inter City 125 - The Need For Speed" - Produced by the Transport Video Publshing features extracts from "InterCity 125" (1976), and virtually the whole of "Brunel's Railway Today" (1985) i.e purely the view 'from the cab' plus an alternative (and less offensive!) soundtrack. The various stations en-route are convenily identified along the way too!

"John Betjeman in Norfolk" - Produced by the University of East Anglia with details of purchase available on, this video features "John Betjeman Goes By Train" (1962), a BTF-BBC co-production, as well as the BBC film "Something About Diss" (1964).

"Just For The Record Special : Coastal Connections" - Produced by Railfilms and features "Linkspan" (1956) plus LMS silent promotional film "Holiday in North Wales" (1930s) which has had effects and music added by the producers.

"Just For The Record Special : Railway Modernisation" - Produced by Railfilms and features "Signpost" (1955), "Modernisation on Southern Region" (1961) and "Train Driver" (1965).

"Just For The Record : Volume 1" - Produced by Railfilms and features an extract (Whitemoor Marshalling Yard) from "Work In Progress" (1951).

"Keeping Trains On Time" - Produced by BCL Video and features "Promises Promises" and "Computer aided Train Planning"

"Locomotion, Rail and Snow" - Produced by NTV Entertainment (ref: NTV 0038) and contains the three BTF films of the same name, all directed and produced by Geoffrey Jones Films Ltd. This title is also available from £3.99 upwards, depending on the outlet.

"London - City of Contrasts" - Released in 1988 by the London Transport Museum, this tape was only ever sold from the LT Museum in Covent Garden and was for many years the only one to feature "All That Mighty Heart" (1963). Also included The Nine Road (1975) and Capital City (a non-BTF Cine Gazette from 1950).

"Night Mail" - Produced by DD Video (ref: DD 730) and features the classic Post Office / C.O.I. film of the same name from 1936 plus the award winning BTF film "Terminus" (1961).

"Omnibus - For All" - Produced by Transport Video Publishing and features the BTF film of the same name.

"Seventies Rail Developements" - Produced by BCL Video and features "Operation London Bridge", "Rubbish by Rail" and "Creating a Diversion"

"Signals and Points" - Produced by BCL Video and features "Signal Engineer" and "Points and aspects"

"Steaming On" - Produced by MSD Video (ref: V9039) in 1987 under the "Speciality" label and features "The Driving Force" (1966), "Rail 150" (1975), and "This Is York" (1953). The sleeve is BTF Video and BR (double arrows) branded.

"Stories of Steam" - Produced by DD Video (ref: DD 1194) in 1996 and features many clips from BTF and pre-nationalisation film companies.

"Thirty Million Letters" - Produced by BCL Video and features the BTF film of the same name.

"Tramways" - Released in 1993 by the London Transport Museum and sold only at Covent Garden. Included "The Elephant Will Never Forget" (1953), "All Change" (a non-BTF Cine Gazette), "Service" (a silent London United Tramways promotional film from 1931) and a brief prologue featuring film of trams from the London Transport Museum, Imperial War Museum and FAME archives, narrated by Barry Coward.

"Travels In East Anglia" - Produced by the University of East Anglia. This video featured "Service for Southend" (1957), "East Anglia" (1937 LNER), and "East Anglian Holiday" (1954).

"The Underground Story - Released in 1988 by the London Transport Museum and sold only at Covent Garden. Featured "A Hundred Years Underground" (1963) in its full 40-minute version as shown by the BBC at the time, and "Victoria Line - Equip and Complete" (1969), which follows the final stages of the line's construction up to the opening of the final stretch on 7th March 1969.

"Vintage Cab Ride 1971" - Produced by Transport Video Publishing shows 'from the cab' views shot by BTF for use in the APT driving simulator. The title comes on two separate tapes. Volume 1 covers London St. Pancras to Market Harborough whilst Volume 2 continues onwards to Sheffield Midland via Derby.

"Wild Wings / Between The Tides" - Produced by MSD Video (ref: V9042) in 1987 under the "Speciality" label and features "Wild Wings" (1965), and "Between the Tides" (1958). The sleeve is BTF Video and BR (double arrows) branded.

"The Woodhead Route" - Produced by Railfilms in 1992 in association with Rail magazine and features a cabride view of the line from Wath Yard to the Dinting area. Included archive film features extensive use of the BTF production, "Signpost".

In addition, footage shot by BTF appears in the following videos:-

"Deltics 1955-1978" and "Deltics 1979-1982" - Produced by Transport Video Publishing. The first two of this three part video history of the Deltic locomotives feature extensive BTF footage.

"Freightliner Story" - Produced by Transport Video Publishing.

"Diesel & Electrics on 35mm - Volume 2" - Produced by Video 125 and narrated by John Huntley. This superb tape purports to be made up from 100% BTF out-takes that were never used but keen eyed viewers will spot several clips from such BTF films as "Driving Force" and "Railways Forever". As well as being 100% BTF film, the sound is 100% dubbed! A lot of the film clips are taken from 'rushes' but don't let this detract from a wonderful collection of BTF footage. In addition to this, Transport Video Publishing supplied a 15 minute "free supplement tape" entitled "Sixties Diesels" to its popular video magazine "Video Track" Issue 35 (Aug/Sept 1993) which also features BTF out-take footage. Look out for a great run past sequence originally shot for the film "Blue Pullman"!

"British Railways Traction Archive" - Produced by Transport Video Pubishing and narrated by Michael McClain. Another superb tape similar to the above by Video 125 and made up from substantially BTF footage, supplemented by a few shot excerpts from D. Humphy and P.Halton. Again, keen eyed viewers will spot several clips from such BTF films as "Driving Force" and "Railways Forever" plus "Under the Wires", "Cartic 4", "Report on Modernisation" and many others.

"The Class 40 Story" - Produced by Locomaster Profiles in 1993 features many BTF film extracts in the early years, including clips from "The Travel Game", "Under The Wires", and "Wires Over The Border". It is anticipated that similar Class histories from Locomaster Profiles contain BTF footage.

"The Ultimate Deltics Part One" and "The Ultimate Deltics Part Two" - Produced by Ballymoss Video. The first two of this three part video history of the Deltic locomotives feature extensive BTF footage.

"Get Carter" - A cult gangster movie from 1971 features scenes of Carter (played by Michael Caine) travelling by train from London Kings Cross to Newcastle during the opening title sequence. Several scenes were views 'from the cab' and the director's commentary (DVD version) confirms that "documentary cameramen" were used to film the train scenes". However, it is thought that although BTF provided the necessary arrangements, the actual filming was undertaken by freelance cameramen.

Some video releases were never intended to be made available to the public.

The example illustrated was a British Rail Education Service video compilation and was intended for distribution to school teachers.

The contents of this extremely rare & collectable video are:-

Discovering Railways (1977)
Journey - InterCity (1972)
InterCity 1250 (1982)
Overture One-Two-Five (1978)
Partners In Prosperity (1980)
Merry-Go-Round (1979 - NCB/BR/CEGB)
Wires Over The Border (1974)
A New Age For Railways (1979).