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If you have any prints of Metrovicks in service and would like to see them posted on these pages, please get in touch as I'd love to hear from you. Pictures in Derbyshire, either in the early days or in RTC days, and Condor workings are especially desireable.

D5716 undergoing maintenance at Derby shed. Undated. (A. Smalley)

D5710 on a diverted Barrow-Preston passing over the Hest Bank/Bare Lane sour on 5th May 1963. (Noel Machell)

D5718 at Carnforth MPD on 6th September 1963. (Noel Machell)

D5707 at Preston, whilst working the 2.55 Preston - Barrow on 30th August 1964. (Noel Machell)

The survivor herself! D5705 at Lancaster whilst working the 10.43 Workington - Euston on 12th September 1964. (Noel Machell)

D5716 at Cark whilst working the 9.46 Lancaster - Barrow on 6th May 1963. (Noel Machell)

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