Train Sim Users: The ELR add-on for the Microsoft Train Sim is raising funds for the restoration of D5705.
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STOP PRESS: The Class 15 Preservation Society, the ELR Diesel Department and the Co-Bo Locomotive Group are pleased to announce that agreement has been reached for the same team and project leader currently D8233 to under take the initial restoration on unique Co-Bo D5705 also based at the ELR.

Both projects have similar restoration needs, therefore running the initial restorations side by side utilising the vast skill base within the ELR diesel department and Class 15 Preservation Society will benefit both projects. There may also be financial benefits for both locos in the form of discounted sub-contract work based on volume.

The successful format of organised fortnightly working weekends on the Class 15 will now also become D5705 working weekends when manpower is available. D5705 will be shunted into position with D8233 at the Loco Works site on the ELR in early May 2008 so work can begin. Ownership and funding will remain seperate for both projects and progress reports for D5705 will be posted on this website.

UPDATE: On Sunday 23rd March 2008, D5705 was extracted from the Bury Transport Museam Building at Castlecroft for the first time since its return from the Great gathering event in Crewe. The museam is in the process of being completely emptied in readiness for roof work to begin, so D5705's uncover stay had to come to an end. A Class 66 type Tarpaulin was fitted to D5705 to protect it from the British weather, and it will now be shunted to the loco works site untill the restoration team are able to move it in position with D8233 at a later date. It's only a small step of progress, but its nearer to when the team can finally get stuck in on its restoration.
Many thanks to Nick Hewitt for arranging and doing its extraction, putting the Tarpaulin on and taking the above picture.
Our 1st working weekend is scheduled for 24th & 25th May. If you would like to get involved with D5705's restoration please contact Chris Tatton.

UPDATE: In June 2008, it was decided that work would start in the engine room area, everything will be cleared and moved into the generator room for storage, all lose pipes etc, photos taken then the renovation and painting process started to complete this area, walls, roof and floor + all pipework. Once complete then we will move onto the cooler group area. We decided this as it would show progress early on, if we started in the cooler group, it would look like not alot would be happening. I need paint specs or a supply of the cream gloss for the engine room walls and the various ident paints from Mr Guntripp. The Radiator Fan needs to be accessed properly with the tarp back and a start made on soaking it in diesel or other fluid that will penetrate.

Next Working Dates: August - 9th, 10th, 23rd & 24th. September - 6th, 7th, 20th & 21st. October - 4th, 5th, 25th & 26th. November - 8th, 9th, 29th & 30th. December - 13th & 14th

As always, volunteers are needed on both D5705 and D8233 - if you wish to get involved then please contact our volunteer liaison Chris Tatton


D5705 pictured languishing in Castlecroft Yard, Bury - 27/01/01
Picture courtesy David Gowing

D5705 is the last survivor of a unique Class of 1200hp British Railways diesel locomotives. Born out of the intriguing 1955 'Modernisation Scheme' and built by Metropolitan Vickers in 1958, the locomotive is truly a dinosaur and very much a 'Pioneer Diesel'.

The locomotive is certainly a contender for ugliest heritage diesel locomotive due to its somewhat less than aesthetically pleasing appearance and the unusual Co-Bo wheel arrangement, giving an overall lack of unity. This is despite the best efforts of consultant designer, Jack Howe, who helped to produce a locomotive with comparatively neat bodysides and a novel livery (for 1958) including a painted body stripe and grilles in 'duck-egg blue' (ie. grey!).

This website is dedicated to the above locomotive and 'its' former classmates. Although locomotives are frequently referred to in the female gender, we were never quite sure of D5705, reflected in the nick-name "Object" as the machine was duly christened by the Class 45 afficionados of the Pioneer Diesel Loco Group, the loco's then custodians in the late 1980s at Matlock.

The 20 locomotives of this type were constructed from 1958 at Metropolitan Vickers/Beyer Peacock's Bowsfield Works, Stockton-on-Tees, and carried the D5700-D5719 number series. The doyen of the class, D5700, was ritually paraded before BR's top brass at London Marylebone on November 13th, but had actually commenced trials on July 7th 1958.

After a brief but fascinating career all of the class were withdrawn as scrap by the end of the 1960's, except for D5705 - a remarkable survivor.

Please explore this website and learn more about this unique example of early British diesel traction. Much of the information has been collated from 3rd party sources and this is credited where relevant. If anyone has any useful information, anecdotes, recollections or photographs of the Metrovicks in service, I would be very keen to hear from you. Details and pictures of the early working days of the Class in the Peak District of Derbyshire and D5705's time at the RTC in Derby in the 70s are of particular interest.

Please contact me at

The advert appeared in the Railway Magazine, Januray 1959.
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