BTF Films available on home release - DVD
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The DVD age has seen many of BTF's titles find their way on to the shiny silver disc format, some have been former VHS releases but the British Film Institute and enterprising companies like Fastline Films Limited have made several new titles available for home consumption - some for the first time in any format which is very welcome.

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Disc 2
Blue Pullman (1960) 25 Mins. Under the River (1959) 27 Mins.
Elizabethan Express (1954) 20 Mins. Snowdrift at Bleath Gill (1955) 10 Mins.
Train Time (1952) 30 Mins. This Year - London (1951) 25 Mins.
Rail 150 (1975) 13 Mins. This is York (1953) 20 Mins.
Diesel Train Driver
(Part 1- An Introduction)
(1959) 7 Mins. The Great Highway (1966) 21 Mins.
On Track for the 80's (1980) 20 Mins. A Day of One's Own (1955) 20 Mins.
Cybernetica (1972) 20 Mins. John Betjeman Goes By Train (1962) 10 Mins.

'On and Off the Rails' is available in NTSC Format in the USA & Canada under the Kino Label :

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Disc 2

West Country Journey

(1953) 26 Mins. Glasgow Belongs to Me (1966) 17 Mins.
Letter for Wales (1960) 25 Mins. England of Elizabeth (1957) 27 Mins.
Cyclists Special (1955) 16 Mins. Capital Visit (1955) 20 Mins.
Holiday (1957) 18 Mins. Heart of England (1954) 20 Mins.
Heart is Highland (1952) 20 Mins. East Anglian Holiday (1954) 20 Mins.
Any Mans Kingdom (1953) 20 Mins. Coasts of Clyde (1959) 20 Mins.


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Disc 2

Operation London Bridge

(1975) 18 Mins. Terminus (1961) 33 Mins.
Wires Over the Border (1974) 18 Mins. Fully Fitted Freight (1957) 21 Mins.
Groundwork for Progress (1959) 30 Mins. Farmer Moving South (1952) 17 Mins.
Making Tracks (1956) 17 Mins. I'm a Litter Basket (1959) 7 Mins.
E for Experimental (1975) 20 Mins. The Third Sam (1962) 10 Mins.
Modelling for the Future (1961) 8 Mins. People Like Us (1962) 9 Mins.
Britannia - A Bridge (1973) 19 Mins. A Future on Rail (1957) 10 Mins.


Disc 1
Disc 2

Work In Progress

(1951) 25 Mins. Forward to First Principles (1966) 30 Mins.
Wash and Brush Up (1953) 26 Mins. Freight and a City (1966) 21 Mins.
A Place In The Team (1953) 23 Mins. Second Nature (1967) 23 Mins.
Service for Southend (1957) 10 Mins. Rail Report 8 - The New Tradition (1968) 13 Mins.
Diesel Trainride (1959) 11 Mins. Plumb Loco (1971) 10 Mins.
Let's Go To Birmingham (1962) 5 Mins. Rail Report 12 - This Year by Rail (1972) 18 Mins.
Reshaping British Railways (1963) 23 Mins. Overture One-Two-Five (1978) 7 Mins.

The fourteen films of Reshaping British Railways take a look at significant events from 1951 to 1978, highlighting the case for change to a cleaner, more efficient motive power. The films look at the ‘Indian summer’ of steam traction, the Modernisation Plan of 1955 and its introduction of the diesel rail-car, the ‘reshaping’ or pruning of the network masterminded by Dr Richard Beeching, British Rail’s progress into the 1960s with the Inter-City and Freightliner concepts, and the approach to the new age of the High Speed Train.

The DVD contains classics of their time like Wash and Brush Up, Service for Southend, Forward to First Principles, Plumb-Loco, Overture One-Two-Five and the famous Let’s Go To Birmingham. Also included are rarities such as A Place in the Team, Freight and a City and Second Nature, which have never previously been available to watch at home.


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Disc 2

Ocean Terminal

(1952) 30 Mins. They Take the High Road (1960) 25 Mins.
Dodging the Column (1952) 10 Mins. Wild Highlands (1961) 21 Mins.
Link Span (1956) 23 Mins. Wild Wings (1965) 35 Mins.
Every Valley (1957) 20 Mins. An Artist Looks at Churches (1959) 13 Mins.
Journey Into Spring (1957) 30 Mins. Railways For Ever! (1970) 7 Mins.
Between the Tides (1958) 22 Mins. The Scene From Melbury House (1972) 15 Mins.
Giant Load (1958) 10 Mins. Age of Invention (1975) 25 Mins.
The Seaspeed Express (1980) 16 Mins.

Off the Beaten Track takes a look on this occasion at the films that were not (with one exception) directly about railways. The BTF unit was created to serve the Transport Commission as a whole and many of the fifteen films featured here promote the pleasure of both the natural world and the built environment around us. It didn’t matter whether you travelled by train, tube, bus, coach or by sea – nationalised transport could take you there and home again afterwards. As with all BTF’s promotional films, the indirect message was that transport could serve as a means to an end. The end might be a medieval city or town, a slice of peaceful, picturesque countryside, the Highlands of Scotland or an endless coastline of undisturbed beaches and rock pools. If a change of scene was on the cards, then British transport could deal with it.

Films included on this release earned BTF some of its highest accolades, including an Oscar for Wild Wings (Best short live action subject in 1966) and Oscar nominations for Journey into Spring (1957) and Between the Tides (1958). Among the rare gems here are The Scene from Melbury House and An Artist Looks At Churches


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Disc 2

North to the Dales

(1962) 19 Mins. The Travolators (1961) 8 Mins.
Yorkshire Sands (1955) 15 Mins. Journey to the Sea (1952) 17 Mins.
Down to Sussex (1964) 17 Mins. London for a Day (1962) 15 Mins.
The Land of Robert Burns (1956) 21 Mins. The Beacons and Beyond (1979) 28 Mins.
Journey Into History (1952) 10 Mins. A Desperate Case (1958) 10 Mins.
Midland Country (1974) 19 Mins. Lancashire Coast (1957) 18 Mins.
Golfers in a Scottish Landscape (1971) 22 Mins.


Disc 1
Disc 2

North Eastern Goes Forward

(1962) 20 Mins. Journey Inter-City (1972) 10 Mins.
The Pain Train (1969) 23 Mins. Power to Stop (1979) 11 Mins.
Motorsport Tries Motorail (1969) 9 Mins. Inter-city 125 (1976) 23 Mins.
Discovering Railways (1977) 14 Mins. New Age for Railways (1979) 25 Mins.
Current Affairs on the Midland (1980) 16 Mins. The Stone Carriers (1982) 19 Mins.
Railways Conserve the Environment (1970) 17 Mins. The Finishing Line (1976) 21 Mins.
Discover Britain byTrain (1978) 6 Mins. Robbie (1979) 13 Mins.
Old Sam the Signalman (1982) 8 Mins. Centenary Express (1980) 6 Mins.
Sir Peter Parker Talks to Jimmy Saville (1982) 9 Mins.

'The Age of the Train' focuses on the later films made by the BTF unit. This, the ‘corporate blue’ era of British Rail, brought about some of the greatest advancements in rail travel that the world had ever seen.

Once 100mph running was standard, travelling inter-city was the new word in getting about and BR was determined to modernise further. Inter-City 125 is the story of the building of a new generation of high-speed trains. Two shorter films included on this release are Centenary Express; a gastronomic journey from Yorkshire to London on a special train made up of vintage restaurant cars to celebrate a hundred years of train catering, and Sir Peter Parker Talks to Jimmy Savile – two film inserts which would have been used as projected ‘participants’ in a live internal staff conference.

British Transport Films also produced staff information and public service films, and safety was a major theme of these during the unit’s latter years. Included here is The Finishing Line, a film to discourage young children from straying or playing on railway lines. The film was shockingly effective and as such was shown with strict controls. Also featured and with a similar theme is Robbie, aimed at eight to eleven year olds.

Other gems on Volume Seven include The Stone Carriers, thought to be BTF’s last production as a fully functioning unit, Discover Britain by Train which was aimed at American audiences and Old Sam the Signalman, a film made for schoolchildren in which old Sam reminisces over the railways and how they have changed.


Disc 1
Disc 2

Single Line Working

(1957) 30 Mins. The Long Night Haul (1956) 19 Mins.
Day to Day Track Maintenance Part 1 (1951) 32 Mins. Care of St Christopher (1959) 13 Mins.
Day to Day Track Maintenance Part 2 (1951) 20 Mins. Measured for Transport (1962) 13 Mins.
The Signal Engineers (1962) 26 Mins. Channel Islands (1952) 15 Mins.
Mishap (1958) 20 Mins. Under the Wires (1965) 28 Mins.
Spick and Span (1962) 18 Mins. Points and Aspects (1974) 30 Mins.
Scotland for Sport (1958) 25 Mins.
‘Points and Aspects’ covers a variety of topics and illustrates the wide range of subjects the BTF Unit covered during its years of production. Training Films are represented by such films as Single Line Working and Day to Day Track Maintenance, travel is highlighted by Channel Islands and Scotland for Sport, and illustrations of technical achievement well-served by such titles as The Long Night Haul, Under the Wires and the namesake of this collection, Points and Aspects.


Disc 1
Disc 2

Berth 24

(1950) 40 Mins. Away for the Day (1952) 19 Mins.
Peak District (1954) 20 Mins. They Had an Idea (1953) 14 Mins.
Train Driver (1966) 10 Mins. Manhandling (1962) 10 Mins.
Give Your Car a Holiday (1967) 18 Mins. Lost, Stolen, Damaged (1964) 30 Mins.
Just the Ticket (1967) 08 Mins. Go As You Please in Britain (1975) 18 Mins.
England's North Country (1978) 23 Mins. It Takes All Sorts (1978) 20 Mins.
Just Like the Rest of Us (1983) 24 Mins.
‘Just the Ticket’ contains over four hours of British film classics, with particular focus on the staff training film, a genre often wrongly neglected but no less creative and accomplished by the award-winning BTF unit. A good number of films such as ‘Lost, Stolen, Damaged’, ‘Manhandling’ and ‘It Takes all Sorts’ were likely unseen by the majority of the British Public, but that in no way diminishes their originality or charm. The very first BTF title ‘Berth 24’ finally makes an appearance on this volume. ‘Just Like the Rest of Us’ is a sensitive portrayal of people with disabilities and how we would all like to be treated.



This impressive 18-disc box set collects all nine volumes of the BFI's celebrated British
Transport Films DVD series and fully illustrates the wide range of subjects the BTF
Unit covered for over three decades. Released in a beautifully illustrated box containing
slimlime cases and a fully illustrated booklet, with extensive notes and credits to each film,
this remarkable collection serves much more than the transport enthusiast. It provides a
unique insight into the changing social history of Britain from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Over a whopping 38 hours and 125 films, The British Transport Films Collection covers it all.
From the very first BTF film Berth 24, to rare gems such as E for Experimental, The Travolators
and Old Sam the Signalman, to traveloguesrevealing a changing Britain like This Year London and
Letter for Wales to much-loved classics like Blue Pullman, Elizabethan Express, Terminus and
John Betjeman Goes by Train, there's truly something here for everyone.

Throughout the films on this volume, the professional craftsmanship and artistry of the BTF Unit
are on constant display. Their imaginative and innovative approaches to presentingan exhausting
array ofsubjects remain an inspiration to filmmakers and fans alike.As always, the films on this
collection have been digitally re-mastered from the best available film elements preserved at the
BFI National Archive.


Disc 1
Disc 2

All That Mighty Heart

(1963) 24 Mins. Under Night Streets (1958) 19 Mins.
Our Canteens (1951) 12 Mins. Power Signal Lineman (1953) 15 Mins.
One for One (1964) 24 Mins. Omnibus 150 (1979) 16 Mins.
The Nine Road (1976) 20 Mins. Cine Gazette No.10 (1951) 10 Mins.
Cine Gazette No.14: Do You Remember? (1955) 9 Mins. Moving London (1983) 17 Mins.
London on the Move (COI) (1970) 14 Mins. AFC: Automatic Fare Collection and You (1969) 4 Mins.
Overhaul (1957) 17 Mins.

British Transport Films Volume 10, London on the Move, marks a most welcome return for the BFI’s celebrated and best-selling DVD series, and marks a shift in focus onto travel in the nation’s capital.

Bringing together a number of fascinating and informative films themed around London Transport, this extensive 2-DVD set explores travel on the trams, buses and tube trains which have carried millions of visitors and residents alike around London every year.


Disc 1
Disc 2

Experiment Under London

(1961) 23 mins.

Victoria Line Report No.4 - Equip and Complete

(1968) 23 mins.

Victoria Line Report No.1 - Over and Under

(1964) 28 mins.

Victoria Line Report No.5 - London's Victoria Line

(1969) 45 mins.

Victoria Line Report No.2 - Down and Along

(1965) 25 mins.

A Hundred Years Underground

(1964) 39 mins.

Victoria Line Report No.3 - Problems and Progress

(1967) 27 mins.

The Queen Opening the Victoria Line (mute rushes)

(1969) 5 mins.

A 2-DVD set gathering together rare archive films about the construction of the Victoria Line



DVD VOLUME 12 - THE DRIVING FORCE (BFIVD976) (Released February 24 2014)
Disc 1
Disc 2

Bridge of Song

(1955) 15 mins.

Freight Flow

(1969) 21 mins.

Joe Brown at Clapham

(1965) 15 mins.

The Future Works

(1969) 21 mins.

Diesel Power On British Railways

(1965)   8 mins.

Going Places Fast

(1974) 15 mins.
The Driving Force (1966) 24 mins. Creating a Diversion (1980) 10 mins.
Speedrail to the South (1967) 11 mins. Partners In Prosperity (1980) 18 mins.
Contact with the Heart of England (1967)   9 mins. Intercity 1250 (1982)   4mins.



Belief In The Future

(1976) 15 mins.

Volume twelve in this series of double-DVD sets presents a selection of previously unreleased films that look at the improvements, developments and new services offered by British Transport in the post-war period. Highlights include Future Works (1969), an enthralling tour of the Swindon railway workshops, and Partners in Prosperity (1982), which outlines plans for a truly modern integrated road and rail transport structure in Scotland.


DVD VOLUME 13 - ON THE RIGHT TRACK (BFIV2125) (Released August 19 2019)
Disc 1
Disc 2

We're in Business Too!

(1964) 23 mins.

What's Tops?

(1974) 20 mins.

British Rail is Travelling

(1969)   8 mins.

Rubbish By Rail

(1977)   6 mins.

Careful Charlie!

(1970)   4 mins.

The Stage is Yours

(1979) 13 mins.
The Class 86 Locomotive (1970) 26 mins. The 75 Tonne High Capacity Crane (1980) 28 mins.
People in Railways (1970) 20 mins. Track 125 (1981) 20 mins.
Having a Fresh Look (1970) 34 mins. Promises promises (1982) 23 mins.

(1972)   8 mins.

A New Approach to Hong Kong

(1982 22 mins.

BTF on DVD makes its triumphant return on this 2-disc set featuring 14 films, 13 of which are available for the first time and have been newly scanned in 2K. The 13th volume in this long running series includes Track 125, Rubbish By Rail and Careful Charlie!.
Includes illustrated booklet with new writing on the films by BFI curators Steve Foxon, Patrick Russell and Jez Stewart and post-war transport historian Stephen Edwards.


DVD VOLUME 14 - THE ROAD AHEAD (BFIV2127) (Released April 20 2020)
Disc 1
Disc 2

Diesel Train Driver: 2. Driving the Train

(1959) 19 mins.

Through the Continent by Ferry Train

(1978)   8 mins.

Railway Electrification at Industrial Frequency

(1960) 26 mins.

Carriage Cleaning

(1978) 28 mins.

Contact with the Heart of England

(1967)   8 mins.

Great Britain: A Travel Guide

(1978)   9 mins.
Speed the Payload (1967) 15 mins. Five in Millions (1978) 26 mins.
Safe on the Track? (1969) 11 mins. Emergency Coupling Class 253/4 (1980) 14 mins.
Flashing Yellows (1976) 10 mins. Safe at Work? (1980) 26 mins.
Railbus for the 80s (1978)   6 mins.

Speedlink: The Quiet Revolution

(1980   9 mins.

This 2-disc collection includes 14 films never before released on DVD including Contact with the Heart of England, Railbus for the 80's, Five in Millions and Speedlink: The Quiet Revolutio.
Also included on this release is a new score for Safe on the Track? by composer Mordecai Smyth. Includes a fully illustrated booklet with new writing on the films by BFI curator and BTF expert Steven Foxon and post-war transport historian and enthusiast Stephen Edwards..


BLU-RAY VOLUME 1 - Best of British Transport Films: 70th Anniversary (BFIB1335) (Released May 20 2019)
Disc 1
Disc 2

Diesel Train Driver: 2. Driving the Train

(1959) 19 mins.

Through the Continent by Ferry Train

(1978)   8 mins.

Railway Electrification at Industrial Frequency

(1960) 26 mins.

Carriage Cleaning

(1978) 28 mins.

Contact with the Heart of England

(1967)   8 mins.

Great Britain: A Travel Guide

(1978)   9 mins.
Speed the Payload (1967) 15 mins. Five in Millions (1978) 26 mins.
Safe on the Track? (1969) 11 mins. Emergency Coupling Class 253/4 (1980) 14 mins.
Flashing Yellows (1976) 10 mins. Safe at Work? (1980) 26 mins.
Railbus for the 80s (1978)   6 mins.

Speedlink: The Quiet Revolution

(1980   9 mins.

Presenting the Best of British Transport Films (BTF) – newly remastered in stunning High Definition for the very first time to celebrate the 70th anniversary. This new 2-disc Blu-ray compilation gathers together 21 films representing the cream of the celebrated BTF collection. Classics including John Schlesinger’s Terminus (1961) have all been newly digitally remastered to 2K from original film materials by the BFI, whilst Geoffrey Jones’ legendary homage to progress, Rail (1967) has been restored in 4K by the BFI National Archive.

In 2014 the First 12 DVD Collections have been re-packaged and marketed as 4 separate mini 'box sets'.
1) "A Future on Rail" is a 6 disc set comprising Volumes 1-3
2) "Railways For Ever!" is a 6 disc set comprising Volumes 4-6
3) "Discovering Railways" is a 6 disc set comprising Volumes 7-9
4) "Going Places Fast" is a 6 disc set comprising Volumes 10-12



A collection of highly expressionistic shorts by the late British filmmaker Geoffrey Jones featuring three BTF films including the Oscar nominated Snow, Rail and Locomotion.

Snow (1963) 8 Mins.
Rail (1966) 13 Mins.
Locomotion (1975) 15 Mins.
Trinidad & Tobago (1964) 19 Mins.
Shell Spirit (1962) 2 Mins.
This is Shell (1970) 8 Mins.
Seasons Project (1975) 12 Mins.
A Chair-a-plane Kwela (1980) 3 Mins.
A Chair-a-plane Flamenco (1980) 6 Mins.
Interview (extra) (2004) 31 mins.

Since the 1950s, Geoffrey R Llewellyn Jones has been making multi-award-winning short films that look, sound and feel like nothing else. With his extraordinary marriage of images, music and rhythm, he ranks alongside such luminaries as Norman McLaren and Len Lye, and remains one of Britain’s true film artists.

Born in London in 1931, of Welsh parents, Geoffrey Jones trained at Central School of Art in interior design, graphic design and photography. Mesmerised by cinema since he was a child and later inspired by Dziga Vertov and Luciano Emmer, his first film project, a satire on the commuter society, envisaged images cut to very rhythmic music, a technique that became his hallmark. Although the film was never actually made, the drawings led to work, when he was just 24, as a one-man band – The Experimental Film and TV Department of advertising agency Crawford International, where early work included an acclaimed commercial for Martini. He went on to make films for global companies like Shell and BP, and innovative animated shorts.

Geoffrey Jones is best known as the director of three seminal films for British Transport Films; Snow (1963), which was nominated for an Oscar, Rail (1967) and Locomotion (1975), all shown at festivals around the world. In films such as Snow, where trains and railway workers battle against severe weather conditions, Rail, a commemoration of the steam age and celebration of the electric age, and the travelogue Trinidad & Tobago (1964), images react, combine and dance together to create a living, pulsing journey. In Locomotion, the entire history of the British railways is illustrated through a captivating and accelerating rhythm.

The Rhythm of Film brings a selection of Geoffrey Jones’ films together in one collection for the first time to show what makes his work so special. Most of his work was in the sometimes precarious area of industrial shorts, but his unique vision is also revealed in his more personal works such as the Seasons Project and the two Chair-a-plane films.


Night Mail

Spotlight on the Night Mail (1948)
Thirty Million Letters (1963)
Night Mail 2 (1986)
Way to the Sea (1939)
Fully illustrated booklet with essays by
author Blake Morrison, composer Miguel Mera and more.


Night Mail (1936) remains one of the most popular and instantly recognised films in British film history, and was one of the most critically acclaimed films to be produced with the British documentary film movement. Night Mail is an account of the operation of the Royal mail train delivery service, and shows the various stages and procedures of that operation.

The film begins with a voiceover commentary describing how the mail is collected for transit. Then, as the train proceeds along the course of its journey, we are shown the various regional railway stations at which it collects and deposits mail. Inside the train the process of sorting takes place. As the train nears its destination there is a sequence - the best known in the film - in which Auden's spoken verse and Britten's music are combined over montage images of racing train wheels. Night Mail has been re-mastered and digitally restored, and beautifully packaged in a clamshell box.

Music by Benjamin Britten. Poetry by WH Auden.

Extras * Two films unseen and re-mastered, Spotlight on the Night Mail (UK 1948) and Thirty Million Letters (UK 1963) * Night Mail 2 (UK 1986) and Way to the Sea (Holmes 1936). * A fully illustrated booklet with essays by author Blake Morrison, composer Miguel Mera and more.

BTF Films are also present as extras on the following BFI releases on DVD...

The Navigators (2002, UK) - Making Tracks
People on Sunday (1929, Germany) - This Year London

The BFI have produced a wealth of British documentary film collections on DVD (some of which contain BTF productions).
A selected highlights of other recommended DVD releases are below...

Fastline Films has released two out of three proposed 2-disc DVD sets of staff training / instructional British Transport Films plus historical bonus films of non-BTF origin to widen their appeal. None of the films included are to be released by BFI in their own programme of BTF releases.

The main purpose is to make the training films available in a convenient form for those who operate the equipment today, some fifty-plus years after the films were made. And so the principal market will, they hope, be operators of preserved railways.

The DVDs are supported by the British Film Institute, Netwrok Rail, Institution of Railway Signal Engineers and fastline Films. This was important because while digital re-mastering is not cheap, the potential market is relatively small.

Fastline Films is a company owned by Richard Hall & Andrew Dow which specialises in collecting and re-mastering historic films of railway engineering specifically for the heritage railway operator.

Fastline Films, PO Box 4472, Wedmore. BS28 4WY. £30.00 inc VAT and P&P. Payment by cheques only, please.:-

Disc 1
Disc 2
Layout of Signal Connections (1955) BTF 33 mins. Level Crossing Gates: Part 1 -
(1956) BTF 15 mins.
Maintenance of Signals and Connections (1955) BTF 33 mins. Level Crossing Gates: Part 2 -
(1956) BTF 10 mins.
Right Down the Line (bonus) (1951) STC 18 mins. Level Crossing Gates: Part 3 -
(1956) BTF 20 mins.
    Walton Street Crossing (bonus) (1962) BR (NER) 5 mins.
    Safety on the Track (bonus) (1951) BTF 13 mins.
Disc 1
Disc 2
Day to Day Track Maintenance: Part 1 -
Plain Line
(1951) BTF 29 mins. Measured Packing: Part 1 -
Straight Track
(1953) BTF 48 mins.
A Mechanical Rail Creep Adjuster (1951) BTF 15 mins. Measured Packing: Part 2 -
Curved Track
(1953) BTF 18 mins.
Track Buckling and its Prevention (1951) BTF 16 mins. Gantries (bonus) (????) UMP 15 mins.
Disc 1
Disc 2
Mechanical Point Operation: Part 1 -
Layout of Rodding and Connections
(1954) BTF 15 mins. Mechanical Point Operation: Part 2 -
Maintenance of Rodding and Connections
(1954) BTF 18 mins.
Day to Day Track Maintenance: Part 2 -
Switches & Crossings
(1951) BTF 22 mins. Mechanical Point Operation: Part 3 -
Maintenance of Points and Fittings
(1954) BTF 27 mins.
Adjustment of Double-ended Points (1954) BTF 7 mins. Mechanised Renewal of Plain Line (1956) BTF 32 mins.
MFD Re-railing Equipment (bonus) (1956) BTF 30 mins.    

Beulah is run by Barry Coward and released several DVDs of their own as a continuation of the popular 'Yesterday's Britain' series of VHS videos issued by Barry's former company, F.A.M.E.
All of these DVDs are deleted but are listed here for completeness. Not all of them contained any BTF content.

YB29: Building London's Victoria Line (Victoria Line Reports - 1) Over and Under, 2) Down and Along, 3) Problems and Progress, 4) Equip and Complete. Also includes AFC & You, an animated short film explaining how to use automatic fare barriers)
YB30: The London's Bus (Omnibus 150, Overhaul, The Nine Road, Getting To Grips)
YB31: Capital Transport (Moving Millions - LTPB 1946, London on the Move, Moving London - LT 1983, The Elephant Will Never Forget)
YB32: Capital Transport Collection DVD Boxset of YB29, YB30 and YB31 in a presentation slip-case.
YB33: The London Bus II DVD sequel to YB30. One For One, A Century of Buses, plus non-BTF footage.
YB34: The British Jet Age - The Early Years DVD. Wing to Wing, In on The Beam plus other footage of Farnborough.
YB35: Classical Music in the Forties DVD Artists such as Dennis Brain, Sir Malcolm Sargent, Dame Myra Hess plus composers Benjamin Britten and Arthur Benjamin are featured with the music of Mozart and Beethoven.
YB36: Routemaster A history of this iconic London bus, recollections from engineers, operators and passengers using rare archive footage
YB37: All that Mighty Heart Famous 1962 BTF film plus material shot for an earlier film about LT shot in 1954 which was never released.
YB38: Fifties Underground Safety on the Track (1951), Power Signal Lineman (1953), School for Service (1953), Under Night Streets (1957).
YB39: Capital Transport and All That Mighty Heart A 2-disc compilation of YB31 and YB37.
YB40: London Bus and London Bus II A 2-disc compilation of YB30 and YB33.
YB41: UndergrounD A 2-disc compilation of YB29 and YB38.

Several films may be found on the BFI's British Transport Films Collections: Volume 10, London on the Move and Volume 11, Experiment Under London - see above).

In addition to these DVDs, Beaulah is now selling clips from its stock shots library, many of which are of BTF origin. A sample DVD showcasing just some of their wide range of stock shots - The Wonderful World of Beulah (B2006) was produced.

Starting in 2006, de Agostini produced British Steam Railways - a 97 part magazine series with an accompanying VHS or DVD called which was published every two weeks and contained a wealth of archive material on the VHS or DVD. Several BTF and pre-Nationalisation films were included (some were just extracts) but the series was notable for including 2 BTF films not available anywhere else, namely Safe Transit and What's In Store.

Please click here for a full contents listing of all VHS / DVDs

Disc 1
Disc 2

There Go The Boats

(1951) 25 Mins. Inland Waterways (1950) 40 Mins.
Barging Along (1944) ?? Mins. Waterways Our Heritage (1979) ?? Mins.
Grand Union Canal (1934) ?? Mins. World of The Waterways (1969) 30 Mins.
Take To The Boats (1962) ?? Mins. Gentle Highway (1970) ?? Mins.
A Civilised Adventure (1983) ?? Mins.

A variety of other BTF compilations exist. Six compilations have been released under the Delta label and are the old former Vertex / Laserlight budget VHS releases transferred to DVD and have not been re-mastered, unlike the BFI output (see above) of which these lesser quality duplicates.

Giants of Steam (1963) 40 Mins.
The Coronation Scot (LMS) (1937) 10 Mins.
Train Time (1952) 28 Mins.
Elizabethan Express (1954) 20 Mins.
Golden Arrow (SR) (1947) 16 Mins.
Dodging The Column (1952) 10 Mins.
They Take The High Road (1959) 25 Mins.
Journey To The Sea (1952) 17 Mins.
Giant Load (1958) 10 Mins.
Ferry Load (1960) 33 Mins.
Caerphilly Castle (1961) 8 Mins.
Heart is Highland (1952) 20 Mins.
Wild Highlands (1961) 21 Mins.
Highland Journey (1957) 20 Mins.
Glasgow Belongs To Me (1963) 17 Mins.
Coasts Of Clyde (1959) 20 Mins.
The Land of Robert Burns (1956) 21 Mins.


The acclaimed John Schlesinger classic Terminus was released by DD Video in 2005 but the DVD also includes the COI produced British Locomotives which uses BTF footage, First of the Thirteen and the BBC classic London to Brighton in Four Minutes.

DD Video's website tells us "This brand new collection features three major films about Britain's railways, locos and rolling stock. Terminus, made by celebrated Hollywood director John Schlesinger for British Transport in 1961, is widely regarded as one of the very best railway films of all time and celebrates a day in the life of Waterloo Station. London-Brighton in Four Minutes was produced by the BBC in 1966. It takes you on board the 'Brighton Belle' at Victoria Station and propels you along the line at the speed of sound, arriving in Brighton in just four minutes, thanks to the magic of trick speed camerawork! 1959's British Locomotives features rare colour film of British-made locos and rolling stock on overseas railways. The DVD features a bonus film from 1970, First of the Thirteen, which provides a fascinating colour record of the modernisation of the British rail signal network. 1 hr 59 mins."


At the end of this DVD which features home cine railway film footage of the Sheffield and North Derbyshire area is an extract from Third Report on Modernisation (1961) which looks at trip freights in the Sheffield area and how it takes a pick-up freight a whole day to travel to its destination of about half a mile as the crow flies from where it started from.


DIESEL & ELECTRIC On 35mm - 1 & 2
Volume One comes mainly from the 1960s and shows all sorts of diesel-hauled trains in action. There are also electrics going right back to the 1930s, Underground trains, 1960s AC electrics, feature items and much much more.

Volume Two is 100% in colour and features over 150 separate shots taken by British Transport Films but once again never actually used. The majority consists of magnificent runbys from the "pre-blue" era with further classic material from the late 1960s and the early '70s.

This is two whole hours of the very best quality motion pictures ever taken of the BR modernisation period.

Video 125

Divided into four main categories, these hitherto unseen sequences show all kinds of nostalgic action from the late 1950s all the way through to the early 1970s.

Diesel: A classic mix of first generation diesel locomotives in both green and blue liveries filmed in a wide variety of locations throughout Britain. Gems include Green 47s, Peaks, Warships, Deltics, DMUs etc.

Electric: Electric Multiple Units in early and late liveries from various BR regions, along with blue AC locomotives on the WCML. Gems include green Nelson EMUs and Hastings DEMUs (included in this section along with EMUs in the same location).

Underground: For tube lovers there are shots of red 1920's ‘standard’ stock on the Central line as well as blue examples on the Isle of Wight. Red 1938 stock, silver and red District line stock are further gems!

Driving cab sequences: Film shot from the drivers’ cabs, showing various lines in the good old days of semaphore signals, goods yards and sidings and even sets of water troughs! Half a dozen sequences show parts of the GCR line, including High Wycombe as well as entering the stations at Thame and Southampton Central.

Video 125

An all archive production using film from the 1950s and 1960s features many now almost forgotten scenes. GT3 working through Neasden, DP2 on ECML, 10000 and 10201 at Derby, D4 at Tring, Class 24s in Kent, Class 27 at Bletchley, Class 15 in East Anglia, Class 33s at York, Class 40s on the WCML, Westerns and Warships, Claytons, Hymeks Blue Pullmans, 40s, Peaks the list goes on...

Transport Video Publishing (60 minutes)

A celebration of British buses of the 1950s and 1960s, featuring rare archive footage from the British Transport Films collection.

DD Home Entertainment

DELTICS VOLUME 1 1955 - 1978
This programme tells the “Deltic” story, and includes the prototype in action, the production machines in green and blue and the unique Napier power unit. We also explore the origins of the “Deltic” names, and speak to some of the men who helped create the legend.

The programme includes: The prototype in the late ’50s; the production “Deltics” in all over green livery; D9004 at Gateshead in 1961; Finsbury Park depot in 1964; D9000 working the ‘Flying Scotsman’ with thistle headboard; Kings Cross in 1964; 9001 & 9006 departing Kings Cross in all over blue livery in 1969; “Deltics” in blue but retaining headcodes and 90xx numbers seen at Kings Cross, Potters Bar, Doncaster, York, Northumberland and Edinburgh, 9003 & 9012 on the Tees-Tyne Pullman; 55018 & 55020 with small headcode dots; “Deltics” off the beaten track at Sherburn & Saxilby plus 55005 at Lincoln, 55007 on the ‘Man of Kent’ railtour & at Carnforth, 55018 at Bristol, 55102 on the RPPR special’ The ‘Silver Jubilee’ with 55001, 7, 9, 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 22; the 50th Anniversary of the ‘Flying Scotsman’ with 55022 and thistle!; parcel duties with 55007 & 55016; the introduction of the ‘Hull Executive’ with 55012: Plus plenty of action with all 22 “Deltics” on the East Coast Main Line.

Transport Video Publishing (60 minutes)