The Good Way To Travel (1965)
19 minutes - Colour

Report No. 6 in a series of 13 topical films, produced since the far reaching plan for the modernisation and re-equipment of British Railways in 1955 started to take effect, to log the many developments - new services, equipment, techniques - wherever these have been introduced. They provide a unique pictorial record of the progress of British Railways.

'The best in ideas, the newest of materials, the most modern methods are being employed to make sure that British Rail becomes indisputedly the good way to travel'. The film's contents are as follows:-

Neptune, an automatic and electronically equipped track fault recorder; Tinsley marshalling yard; freight trains - cement, limestone, cars; Reading station and signal box; the laying of long welded rails; Toton diesel maintainance depot; new electrification multiple unit rolling stock for service from Euston, locomotive cab training simulator, Willesden control room; Cross-Channel - launching the SS Dover, Newhaven terminal; underfloor wheel lathe for re-profiling worn wheel tyres and flanges; points - heaters, automatic lubrication; Liverpool Street station booking office; Directomat passenger enquiry machine; Richmond station car park; Brighton line carriages; Mini holidays.

16mm & 35mm

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