Top Levels Of Transport (1969)
16 minutes - Colour

Report No. 9 in a series of 13 topical films, produced since the far reaching plan for the modernisation and re-equipment of British Railways in 1955 started to take effect, to log the many developments - new services, equipment, techniques - wherever these have been introduced. They provide a unique pictorial record of the progress of British Railways. The film's contents are as follows:-

Euston; ships - Freightliner II, Antrim Princess; container handling Parkeston Quay; Merry-go-round coal trains; permanent way lining and tamping machine; off-loading cable troughing; strengthening the Royal Albert Bridge; Old Course Hotel, St Andrew's; car bodies by train - factory to assembly line; Beckenham train control; speed up of West of England expresses.


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