On Track For The 80's - Rail Report 13 (1980)
15 Minutes - Colour

The final report in a series of 13 topical films, produced since the far reaching plan for the modernisation and re-equipment of British Railways in 1955 started to take effect, to log the many developments - new services, equipment, techniques - wherever these have been introduced. They provide a unique pictorial record of the progress of British Railways.

A review of innovation and development within BR and its businesses, including: modernisation of freight facilities and service to new companies; progress of the Bedford/St. Pancras electrification project; paved track and permanent way maintenance; Sealink's "Galloway Princess"; Seaspeed's SRN4; and the Research department's magnetically levitated vehicle. For general showing.

Former BTF employee, Alan Wilmott now of Windjammer Films, comments that this was one of the last BTF productions undertaken and completed before the break-up of the film unit. Evidently it was touch and go as to whether this film was even started, such was the air of inevitabilty about the demise of BTF by this time.

16mm & V.C.

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