The following images are from the first ever gluten free beer festival in Chesterield, February 2006.  Not everyone in the pictures are coeliacs, some are friends and family, and others will be at the festival to drink non-GF beer.  For once you cannot tell the difference!  The coeliacs are as likely to have a beer before them as the non-coeliacs!

Thank you to Chesterfield & District CAMRA for providing the venue for the festival: their 2006 February beer fest, and to the Winding Wheel for the actual premises.  Thank you of course to all the brewers who worked so hard to get beer to us, Ener-G for generous supplying the bar complementary pretzels, and all the CAMRA volunteers who supported this event.

Beer & Cider menu in PDF form - click HERE!

Friday Evening Session

The Gluten Free bottle and canned beer bar just before opening time.

Dr Steve Ford of

The bar rapidly swells.

Kim Koeller of flies 4000 miles to serve a beer

Gluten free or not gluten free?

Playing 'Jenga' is even harder after 'doing' the full GF Bar.

One at a time, please!

The perfect head!

Last orders at the bar, please!

Saturday Lunchtime Session

The lull before the storm!

Too much to choose from.

Mike & Rob of Coeliacs UK meet Kim & Steve.

"Or we have the breakfast version"

Satisfied punters start to write their feedback of the beers enjoyed.

Confronted by the evidence.

Saturday Evening Session

The bar is open!

My wife doesn't understand me...

As the band - Firecracker - played on!

Dancy, baby, dance.

Where's the bar?

No, really - last orders!

The end of an outstanding festival enjoyed by all.

Keep me gluten free

The best of the rest....

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