• Glutenfreebeerfestival.com is scheduled to get its millionth hit before Christmas as more and more people are logging on to the site. Happy christmas to all those interested in gluten free beer - lets hope we all have even more choices in the new year!

  • Glutaner now available to buy in North Europe. Read More here.

  • Anyone want a gluten free beer kit?  We have had many enquiries.  One potential supplier talking to glutenfreebeerfestival.com about putting together the right ingredients for real kits.  Don’t expect them to be available very soon, but we will be the first to tell you when they become available! Watch this space!

  • At last! Glutenfreebeerfestival.com gets to taste-test the Italian Bi-aglut (Free-aglut) beer.  Read what we thought, and what our brave tasters really thought, here.

  • Hambleton Ales “Toleration Ale” now available across USA.  More info here.

  • In Derbyshire (UK) a traditional pub offers gluten free beer. The Angel Inn in Holmesfield, just to the South of Sheffield, now offers hand-pull gluten free beer (from 1st June). Every Tuesday the popular local pub/restaurant will offer its entire restaurant menu completely gluten and wheat free. Those interested are advised to book a table (0114 289 0336). Members of this team will certainly be there and will report back on the experience !

  • La Messagere 'arrested' at UK airport. This Canadian gluten free beer nearly caused a diplomatic incident, but last minute negotiations ensured its safe arrival at the world premiere of the gluten free beer festival.
  • First ever gluten free beer festival: 1600+ beer lovers attended the CAMRA beer festival at Chesterfield, UK where many coeliacs enjoyed their first beer for many years at the gluten free bar. Click on the 'Chesterfield 2006' button opposite for more details.
    Beer & Cider menu in PDF form - click HERE!
  • Rumours of UK gluten free brewer to produce new lager - more news will follow as soon as we learn of further details. UPDATE: See Hambleton Ales GFL
  • New UK gluten free brewer - we will keep you informed.
  • New US brewer entering the market - more to come.

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(click for tasting notes)

Glutaner Lager was provided to Glutenfreebeerfestival.com by the manufacturers and tasted by GF beer drinkers at several gluten free events.  Feedback was very positive and this new lager, which must be drunk cold, should prove to be a valuable additional choice for GF drinkers.  Careful though, it kicks a very surprising 5.2%. Read the reviews here.

We have awaited samples of Bi-aglut anxiously for a long time.  Bi-aglut was the only manufacturer who didn’t want samples tasted by us and the Chesterfield public, and blocked any supply for the beer festival.  Yet as one of the original brewers of GF beer it had a credibility for introducing a solution that warranted our support.  In addition, those who have used Bi-aglut pasta (for example) have found that this manufacturer has gone a long way to making GF products not just palatable but almost indistinguishable from the “real thing”. 

Unfortunately not with Bi-aglut beer.  It is sad to say that this was not a very nice drink and most tasters struggled to finish their sample.  While at its coldest it was fairly tasteless, what tastes did develop were not particularly attractive.  We should thank Bi-aglut for developing a GF beer, much could be done with adjuncts and hops to make it significantly better
We understand that Hambleton Ales has now made their Gluten Free Ale available in much of the USA, under the name Toleration Ale.  Read the reviews here.

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